Du Haitao's self-buffet restaurant as long as 65 yuan, but did not return to visitors, netizens: all sets

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Du Haitao's self-buffet restaurant as long as 65 yuan, but did not return to visitors, netizens: all sets

2021-11-25 14:34:32 11 ℃

Many stars have developed his deputy industry after falling, some people have invested, some people open their restaurants, some people open Taobao shop, all forms, and general fans will become their primary customers. Du Haitao also joined this army, he opened a buffet restaurant, and fan could be lucky. Feeling to the store of your own love, you will leave them further, so you just have to open the cloud. As far as I know, the store opened by the star is relatively expensive. Some people say that it is okay to eat, if it is often, it is estimated that it will be bankrupt. Recently, Du Haitao only took only 65 yuan, attracting many customers, then found that the pit is being pit, some netizens said that they are all sets of meat.

In fact, Du Haitao's restaurant has been opened for several years, and the facade looks very high, the facilities inside are also very perfect, and there is very delicate in things, and it seems that the decoration has spent a lot. The business is very hot, and a big man in the door is waiting, it looks like eating, don't you have money, is this a star effect?

I just picked it directly, I will first pay the way, I am very good, prevent customers from going through. And only 65 yuan, the price is very close, it is estimated that other buffets can not enjoy this price, the star opened by the star, the buffet of Du Haitao is so afflicted, it is a clear, it is worth it. what.

Seeing a dazzling full-time food, I didn't know myself, and I immediately went to the dishes, and then I found that the routine was deep. Most meat fish seafood foods are all gravized, there is a lot of foods, the food and dessert dessert, and this kind of chef is cooked. It has been waiting for more than ten minutes, and I didn't see the trace of meat. This kind of vegetable speed is too slow.

Originally, I have time limit, usually two hours, now wait for food to waste so much time, then how do you have time to eat. Is it spent 65? Is it going to eat dessert? And it's easy to eat enough sweets. It is estimated that it is waiting to go to the dish. When you get it, you can't eat. Many netizens have said: This is going to cool. Even if the quality of service is not high, many waiters are a pile of gathers together, and there is a customer who holds the hand for a few minutes. No one will pay attention.

I was looking forward to eating a buffet. As a result, only desserts, fruits, 65 pieces were too not worth it. After several customers who have no patience, they didn't work, they had to sway. So I want to operate a restaurant, the quality is very important, if these two are not, it really wants to cool.

Ok, share here today, if there is any idea, please let me know.