"Changjin Lake" on the top China film box office champion, "Wolf 2", congratulatory map, meaning deep

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"Changjin Lake" on the top China film box office champion, "Wolf 2", congratulatory map, meaning deep

2021-11-25 14:32:17 7 ℃

On November 25th, the total box office of "Changjin Lake" officially exceeded the "Wolf 2". After 4 years, China's shadow history box office champion is easy to win, and China's film is getting stronger.

On the same day, "Wolf 2" official Bo released a poster, and congratulates "Changjin Lake" to pay the Chinese movie box office champion,

The poster made by the Wolf 2 is a vibrant green. It is a great river mountain of the motherland, symbolizing tenacious vitality, symbolizing the flying in the thriving. There is a string of the ancestors who have left a string of the ancestors to go to the battlefield. These footprints are on the rivers and mountains of the motherland, and they will always stay in the hearts of their lives. History will remember these marties!

In addition, the three words "Changjin Lake" written in a higher peak, "Wolf 2" is under its body, and there are more peaks behind "Changjin Lake", but also secret China's movie brave climbing peaks will never stop, Significant meaning.

"Wolf 2" and "Changjin Lake" are all war themes, and they are the great national spirit. It once ignited the patriotic feelings of the audience, so that the Chinese becomes unprecedented unity, adding national cohesiveness, and know more Cherish the rest of the world is the most vivid patriotic education theme.

In the message, netizens have congratulations on "Changjin Lake", and also look forward to "Water Gate Bridge" and "Wolf 3", and there is also an expression package: use Wu Jing to defeat Wu Jing.

Nowadays, China's shadow is five, Wu Jing's movie dominated by three seats. The strength can be seen, and the acting is not too much. It has been online, and it means that he is very strategic, and a fire is a fire. Changjin Lake "is estimated to wait for him to break.

Prior to this, "which" which is the magic "of" You Hao Li Huanying "box office is also a congratulatory map, and it is full of creativity," the mountain river is innocent, prosperous, " "There is a country, remember the predecessor's blood, fighting the country, the most lovely person", a sentence is unsatisfactory, full of national pride.

We are not living in a peaceful age, just living in a peaceful country, and such peace is exchanged by the ancestors. The phrase in the film "If we don't fight, it is our next generation to play. In exchange for the current mountain river.

On November 23, the "Changjin Lake" part of the key will be postponed again. It has continued until December 31 this year. The box office will continue to grow, and the height of innovation, I believe Chinese movies will get better and better!