The world's recognized five comedy masters, China has a list, not Zhao Benshan

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The world's recognized five comedy masters, China has a list, not Zhao Benshan

2021-11-25 14:34:42 11 ℃

There are a lot of film and television works, there are various types of themes. I believe that many people like to watch comedy funny types, because the film and television such as funny comedy is old and old, because the comedy brings us a lot of joy. However, bringing us joy to the comedians in these screens, they are the greatest.

There are many comedies like China's film and television circles, not only in China, but every country has its own comedy master or actor, of course, the performance comedy is also a variety of styles, but the world is recognized. The comedy master, China also has a list, not Zhao Benshan.

The first is Luo Wen. Aikinson, talking about his mission, many people don't know much, but it is said that many people should know that many people will know one of the world to play a comedy to a certain realm. Comedy actors, you should know that you will teach the audience, and he uses his super-high acting to interpret your comedy so many fans, the second is Charlie. Charielin, He is the most famous comedian in the world. The image of the tramp in his performance is very deep into the heart, with its own unique performance method, the impact in the world is very deep, and no one goes beyond.

The third is Baste. Katton, he is a famous "cold-faced smileer" in the world, because he does not have a expression on his face when performing, it is very good, this kind of performance is very unique. The fourth is Jin. Kerry him is a comedian who has been more prominent in the 1990s. His comender is very deep, as long as people feel that his comedy will be happy.

However, the fifth is from China. Many people think that it is Zhao Benshan, but Zhao Benshan is a funny daughter actor. In fact, Zhou Xingchi, Zhou Xingchi's cockroaches really don't have a style, there are a lot of classic works, make people unable to forget The world's top comedy masters are very good, they have their own unique style, no wonder there is difficult to have more people like.