Regret to break the news Alan Tam?Fantasy boyfriend responded to deleting 微 博: Nothing is received, will be accompanying

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Regret to break the news Alan Tam?Fantasy boyfriend responded to deleting 微 博: Nothing is received, will be accompanying

2021-11-25 14:31:23 5 ℃

Recently, Alan Tam fans have a lot of boiling, simple profile is a fan boyfriend broke the news, saying that his girlfriend is with Alan Tam, angered a 71-year-old Alan, for the old dismisions, Morality, etc. .

But later, the man suddenly removed three microblogs with a photo, triggering netizens questioning, thinking that it has been taken away by the public relations or by the artist team alarm.

In the face of the question after the wind wave, the man once again issued Weibo again, denied the public relations, and also said that he would never accept the public relations. He said that he had come to Weibo because of too angry, and did not expect so much. Public resource.

I also broke the news that the former girlfriend has been honest with him. For the public accusation of Alan Tam on Weibo, the man also said that all content issued by himself is legally responsible. And once again shouting Alan Tam: "Deyi Shuangxin, if you think I am in a sland, you will take the necessary means, I will give it to the end." Attitude is still resolute.

Different from this netizen, some people think that it is for the public relations, and some people think that girlfriends are smashing, they are wearing green hats, they are open to tear too thick, and some netizens have grasped the key points, saying "girlfriend has changed their ex-girlfriend", It can be seen that both parties have also broken up.

So now, Tan Tan is also a constant green tree. It is also a controversy. Hong Kong media is used to describe him with "Standard male ancestors". It can be seen that although the exposure and picture is just a corner, no matter whether Hong Kong is still netizens, it is not Too unexpected.

On the previous day, the man took three pictures, the last picture is even more calling A Tan Tun team, dare to declare that he will hammer once.

Even if Alan Tam is busy, I have issued a simple statement, I denied that "sleeping powder" said, but the man broke the masculine, so that the wind wave is very difficult to calm.

Add a photo of it, although there is no positive, but subsequent netizens still have some spider marts, such as Tam Tam has the same shoes, Shanghai does have this hotel.

It seems that Alan Tam's dedication is still less powerful. Although the attitude of the fan boyfriend is soft, it still insists on his own attitude, and the two sides are lying, and it is difficult to see in a short half.

But now delete Weibo, it should also be more concerned about it. Since the girlfriend has changed his ex-girlfriend, things may have been eased, I hope that both parties can be aware of it.