33-year-old stone sister is exposed to abortion, the pregnancy stick is sorrow, the concert will not postponed

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33-year-old stone sister is exposed to abortion, the pregnancy stick is sorrow, the concert will not postponed

2021-11-25 14:32:07 14 ℃

On November 25th, the 33-year-old British popular female singer, the morphic creator Jessie J was written revealed that he was abortion. Jessie J suits the pregnancy test of pregnancy, and the surprise in the past is a distinct contrast.

In Changwen, she revealed that on November 24th, I also opened a laughter of the Los Angeles concert tomorrow night. How can I spend it without telling the audience? But when the birth check was conducted on the 24th, it was found that the fetus stopped.

She is now very sad now, I think this is the most lonely feeling in the world, but I will be strong, but I didn't expect that she would tell you that she is pregnant in this way. Although abortion, the 25th of Los Angeles will appear to be old, she said that they will speak less tonight, but I have been with fans.

I am too intelusive, I haven't recovered the body, I have to adhere to the fans, I can raise the body, the fans can wait, after abortion news, domestic and foreign fans have comforted her.

She really likes a child. I have taken a video that takes care of the child, she is fed for him, playing together, and the picture is very cured.

It is already a luxury for pregnancy. Previously, the English media reported that the sister could not give birth, and he couldn't be born. He didn't want to tell you. After all, many people have experienced this pain, and she is one of them.

Jessie J is a genius singer, 11 years old began in the Andrew music holy place, 15 years old, she participated in the "British Outstanding Genius Competition", and finally won the best popular singer award, and then put the music as the career direction.

The career has been flying, but the body has been problematic.

As early as 2018, the stone sister recorded the "singer" rehearsal during Hunan Satellite TV, and he had to withdraw from the rehearsal.

At the end of last year, Ji Jie Jessie J revealed that he was suffering from Menen syndrome, which was Medimi's disease. The disease caused her right ear to hand, and it could not walk properly. This disease would cause a number of dizziness for 10 minutes or hours, and hearing loss can be gradually increased. After treatment, the current situation is improved, but there is currently no treatment of this disease.

Jie Jie said that this is like someone climbed into her ears and drove the blower to the maximum gear. The ear has a problem, which is undoubtedly a big blow for the singer.

The stone sister is not asked. On June 20, 2021, she sent a document to sing is my lifeline and happiness, and it is really difficult to sing. Although the doctor has warned that Jiejie continues to sing may cause recurrence of the condition, she still decided to go back to the stage.

The stone sister is too excited, I hope to recover i quickly.