True sheet of paper!Jin Chen appeared in the moving bone chest full of mirrors, netizens call: thin and terrible

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True sheet of paper!Jin Chen appeared in the moving bone chest full of mirrors, netizens call: thin and terrible

2021-11-25 14:31:34 4 ℃

On November 24th, Jin Chen and the prince were showing a single line of activities, and the number of activities of the two people were also exposed online. On the same day, Jin Chen was in the mirror, and Wang Zi Die was also handsome and tangible. The two stood in a male and handsome woman, named a pink! Golden Da Xi is unhappy, smile, it is warm by her smile. It is worth mentioning that Jin Chen and the prince have taken a new drama, and now the two are open, it is really a surprise of the CP powder.

This appearance, Jin Chen combed the hair style of the goddess, the makeup also specially exquisite, a pink deep V dress long dress put her tinten body perfectly. She is in front of the lens, and the smile on the face is not going, smiled and bends and beautiful. And from this point of view, Jin Chen's waist is true, it is completely insufficient.

The gun-in-law of the whole body is tall and tall, but I don't know if it is too thin, there is no curve in the morning, so it is very superior to the rocky neck and small waist.

As can be seen from the exposure of the light, there are many security personnel present in the event, and there are many people in the fans, and the popularity of the morning is really not covered.

Under the lens, Jin Chen's five senses are extremely impeccable, eyes, mouth, hijna, and bar face, it is the goddess standard, can't pick a slate, the vetyf and straight corner shoulders are not like. In such a close time, the Jin Chen's skin is still white, too eye.

Just Jinchen this appeared so thin, the lock bone nest is exaggerated, and the ribs of the ribs are very obvious, and the whole people give "paper people" feel.

Under another perspective, Jin Chen's lock bone nest and ribs can have to steal the mirror, the fiber waist, it is estimated that her own hands can be easily held. The official height of Jin Chen is 171cm, and the weight is 43kg. Look at her appeared, I don't know if there is 40 kilograms, it is too thin.

In an interview, Jin Chen still smiles, and white and tender skin. She "ribs" full of mirrors in the mirror, the whole person is very thin. Fortunately, the state is always very good, otherwise it will give people "excessive weight loss".

Later, the Jin Chen studio publicly opened a set of Jin Chen's activities. More than the "ribs body" in the birth map, under the intensive lens, Jin Chen is obviously round, and the surprising "ribs" is not so obvious, and the whole person is more beautiful. It can be seen that there are more meat in the morning, perhaps it will be more beautiful.

After seeing the photo of the activities of Jin Chen, the netizen gave a message: "Her neck is so scary, life", "she is not suitable for this V", "thin, intrody aesthetics"; still people call Jin Chen is "Bone Bone".

More people are scared by Jin Chen's body, and everyone lives straight "thin and terrible, not beautiful", "thin and terrible, but also mirror", "walking skeleton" .

Although Jin Chen is very thin, it looks like "paper people", but it is undeniable that her body proportion is quite good, it is a recognized "walking hanger". Whether it is a casual style or a sexy style, or a goddess style, Jin Chen can be easily HOLD. Therefore, Jin Chen is thin, but the gas field and temperament of people are awesome, and it is full of pouring love.

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