"Sandez" Zhao Liang, 小 15-year-old model home to raise chicken, now expensive over 100 million envy

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"Sandez" Zhao Liang, 小 15-year-old model home to raise chicken, now expensive over 100 million envy

2021-11-26 00:07:26 5 ℃

"Kangxi micro-service private visit" is a classic film and television work, the plot of the plot, the language is vivid and humorous, telling the "Emperor" in the folk matter of people's feelings.

The actors in the play have special features, Kangxi has a talent, Yizhen Zhili, the maid, the woman's peach red care, the monks, the law, the whole, the big fortune, three virtues, humorous.

Their leader five people form a team of micro-service private visits, with a relaxed and humorous way to play Kangxi, the story is more close to the people's life, and it is more deeply rooted in the hearts. It is a very hot TV series in 20 years ago. It is even more popular. The highest rate is the highest.

After the "Kangxi Micro Service Private Record", he made Zhang Guoli, Deng Wei, at the same time to play the angle of support, little peach blossom, and Sandezi also known as everyone.

Especially the "Sande" plays in the play Zhao Liang, riot the macaron, and the language is impressed to the audience.

Zhao Liang is general, but it is a very identified face: round face, little eyes, especially his shallow wine nest, which is smiling, is very cute.

The long face is not handsome, the one is not high, and the "Sande" image is too deep into the heart, so that he is not more than "Sande" in people's heart, no matter what role appears.

In the entertainment circle, after taking the climbing for many years, Sandezi Zhao Liang did not be in the current brilliant, and he had been in a state of not hot, and he gradually reduced the number of filming and began to seek other directions.

Zhao Liang opened his business and founded the business, investing thousands of estate to raise the chicken, selling earth eggs. Every time I have time to go to the chicken farm, I start to help the chicken and take the chicken farm.

Never afraid of hard work, not afraid of dirty, slowly Zhao Liang Tu's chicken market opened, and he raised the soil chicken breeding, the chicken is delicious, the chicken is delicious, and everyone is loved, often supply!

Zhao Liang did not only raise chickens, but also driven local villagers with a raising chicken. He was responsible for sales and letting local people went to well-off. His worth of it has already had already hundreds of millions, and many people live in high climb.

The career is successful, and Zhao Liang, in life, also married a small 15-year-old model, tall, style, and won the national flat section of the 2002 New Silk Road Model Competition.

I have to say that the wife of Sandzi Zhao Liang is very good, although there are too many appearances of the two. But this did not stop the happiness of two people, and two people have two handsome sons for many years.

My brother is more introverted, my brother is birro, and the one is relatively high, it should be the genetic mother! Their family is still traveling from time to time.

Time passed, the years are ruthless, no matter how scenario in the past, it will be forgotten in the future, but as long as the Sandezi Zhao Liang is happy.

The family has a good wife, the son is cute, the career is successful, Sandez is working hard through themselves!