"First see" Tan Yulin put Mu Qingqing as a bill of money, Gu Yuefang,?Officials

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"First see" Tan Yulin put Mu Qingqing as a bill of money, Gu Yuefang,?Officials

2021-11-26 00:07:51 18 ℃

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"Cracking", "Love at first sight" is not a plot of the dog's blood again, and the official CP is getting harder and harder.

Recently, I have been chasing dramas, probably only "first seeing". See the cause of this drama, more because of Chen Xingxu. (I want to see "Li Dog" this time can be much excessive, can only say, I really didn't let me down.)

Although some people have destroyed this drama, because the plot sometimes too vulgar is too vulgar, because sweet is always looking, but this time is really hurt by the plot ...

Tan Yulin and Qi Yue Frost, put his wife as a note machine

The original official CP has more sweet, today's official match has more abuse. Tan Yulin likes Mu Qingqing is a matter of many viewers, and two people are already married in new plots. Mu Weiqing is not a hairstyle of the previous girl, but becomes a lady of Tan Yulin.

According to normal development, official match is finally married, this can be said to have a sugar, ok! As a result, this drama is really a dog blood. The female father is mistaken by the male master. The murderer killed his family.

Although I married Mu Qingqing, I promised Mu Gong to take care of her for a lifetime, but I still can't pass the ridge in my heart. "Killing the father hat" daughter's identity, I really can't afford it.

Tan Yulin's drunk in order to refuse Mu Qingqing, and let the Yuejing take care of himself. It is really mad at the man, not very smart, use your brain, please.

If Mu Gong is really killing his family, how can Mu Qingqing to him. This is not reasonable, so Mu Gong must not be a murderer. Unfortunately, the man is concerned about, and IQ is completely offline. His behavior is obviously with Gu Yue, which is getting farther and farther.

Not only that, but the speech is even more than "payment machine", it is really too much. "Li Dog" is still that Li Dog, don't be close, will become misfortune.

As a child, the Bokeonomy Company of Tan Yulin is the boss of the brokerage company. Tan Yulin is a bond owed by the boss of the running road, but also said:

I am a Shanghai commander Tan Yulin, the bond of Dahua Company, which is repaid by the Mujia Chamber of Commerce. Don't be difficult to Miss Gu.

Is this awkward? Is this a word? BBQ, this is not, this is simply as a "payment machine". He is really chilling, purely, will be chasing the crematorium in the future.

How Yue Yue is black? The possibility is really not big

Qi Yue Cang is very complicated to Tan Yulin's feelings. Have worship, admiration, love, she dare not say, just put the feelings in my heart.

Tan Yulin has never been special in her heart, so she can't accept the love of Su Shaoshuai. Even if Su Shaoshuai likes her, she is touched, but she is not a heart.

Tan Yulin is really great to her, so the average person is difficult to make. Gu Yue has no exception, she can't help Tan Yulin's charm.

Many people are worried about the blackization of Yue Yue, but the possibility of her black is not large. If she is really black, this drama really is pure and too evil.

The biggest possibility, she is just Tan Yulin refused Mu Qing's block. When Tan Yulin misunderstood Muliqing, the last time Gu Yue, will be with Su Shantai.

Abuse, officials and abuse

Really, the current plot is on, this drama is really too dog blood, too abused. Even the illness, I want people to discard.

When two people misunderstood, Tan Yulin really made a day. Mu Qingqing thought that he was acting, privately communicated with him, asking if it was acting, but he was injured in words with Tan Yulin.

Xu Guangyao knows that Mu Yizhen is bullied, and also finds Tan Yulin. Nai Tan Jindin actually said: I don't want her, she will also die my face.

Really, there is an angry, Tan Yulin can't help Mu Qingqing. If it is not Xu Guangyao father killed, it is really going to hold Xu Guangyao & Mu Qing's CP Big.

Dog, do a personal, please. Talking about falling away from such a man. "Although the love price is high, life is precious"

Do you feel that the plot is too dog blood, and the officially worried about the drama, welcome to comment message!