The first movie of Huayi Princess is praised, is it true?Still fight?

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The first movie of Huayi Princess is praised, is it true?Still fight?

2021-11-26 00:06:33 2 ℃

Recently updated "Director, please advise", I am so angry.

I want to hurt the goose factory double standard, I am a little bit!

Some resources have a background, it is rotten, and the rainbow fart can be blown.

The background is general, the shot is conservative, and the whole member of the tutor is encircled, and the living cry is crying.

What happened this issue?

When I played, I played the movie that Huayi Xiao Princess Wang Wen also took the film: adapt "Happy Planet" "My Alien Daughter"!

The plot is simple, but the actor is not so simple.

The actor is an actor Yuen, is Lu Xiji, who is full of people who have been rushed to the martial arts, and since he read the Bo, he didn't see him on the screen.

The daughter who played breathing severe is a child star, the fat, the face, the big bright crystal eyes, lively and lovely, how to see people who are going to be referred to!

Wang Wen also said that this movie basically looked at the beginning and knew what the ending was going!

In order to conceal the daughter's condition and explain why she is different from normal children, her father makes a romantic lie, saying that they are aliens to perform their tasks, so things on the earth can only look, can't touch small animals, can't drink. If breathing is urgent, you need to wear the oxygen cover with you.

In order to let the daughter believe, set a set of lines: sunglasses, caller, etc. I also learned the magic: attract the cup to the water cup, easily bend a iron spoon.

In fact, what is the alien, just a problem in the respiratory system, need pulmonary transplantation to renew, in order to save the daughter, the father sells the house, and also pulls down the old face to borrow money, no help, hide Cry in the water.

Daughter is actually knowing that before surgery, praying for her operation smoothly, so Dad will not cry. After that, a strong light appeared. The viewing end.

This has no barters of the story to trafficking our family, helpless, hope.

I want to see what kind of commentary comment on these poison tongue!

Producer Fang Jinye Swarf Strong: "This film hit me, I very much." The reason is that his daughter has been five years old, and his father's helplessness is deep.

The producer Chen Hao said: "It is my dish, I like that kind of emotion between the special realistic realism,"

Wang Jing also concludes: "Wang Gui as a new director, this play is very complete, I like simple, go to the story."

How did these producers make up to praise? Oh, you said that Hao Lei has a criticism.

Hao Lei's comment has not been rated, it is light, says that the mirror is single, change a photographer.

It is not the most important issue that the mirror can affect the movie. To return to the kernel of the movie to evaluate!

So dare not comment, because Wang Wen is also a good princess of Huayi, afraid of the boss of sin, the film and television circle is not mixed?

It is also good to say that the teacher of the Beijing Film Academy said that the voice of the audience: "In this whole film, the emotions that come out are too straightforward! It is a single emotional story. It is a grade work level."

Said the big people, the result was returned to: "When I just entered the college, we actually perform it, many people are performing very well, but he has been very good, but he passed a series of training After that, he couldn't find the part of his original natural performance. "

In order to praise Wang Wen, I started myself, and I started myself:

"In fact, I didn't say that you (the film) didn't have a problem. You (the film) is a problem, then why we like and encourage this thing because I saw it in your this, It may be an age, she has not trained and modified, the original emotion. "

This is said that the director threshold is so low? Can you be a director after learning from the sensation?

Ok, you said that the movie is very touched, see what the audience below said:

"I think this short film is very suspended, a severe family, then the father sells the house, but also needs to raise money, she can't live in a hospital, it looks a good environment.

So starting this story, there is no way to let me believe. If you want to touch the life and death, touch the pain, touch your family, such an ultimate topic, then I think the performance is not painful. "

In the face of the audience: "Do you have a true hospital to observe? What is the final ending?"

Reply: No, the final ending actually doesn't know.

This is this, this is all taken?

There is no harm, there is no harm. Compared with the prior art film township "returning to the Berlen", although the theme is not very new, the emotions inside are very deep, really crying the audience.

The story is mainly surrounded by the ancestors and grandchildren, the daughter is going to leave the pastoral area to go to the big city life. In order to alleviate the pressure of her daughter, the old mother will leave the home to the city to the city to bring granddaughter to the city, cooking for housework.

It is old, and the old friends around me die. I will miss the hometown. The faint villagers are in the life, and they are very sincere.

At the comment link, everyone is very sharp, crying the de Gina that is confident.

The film review is very active to stand up to Dna, affirm her work, encourage her.

As a result, the producer said: "This is to kill !!!"

Ok, then this time I evaluated Wang Wen's work, everyone unanimously recognized, this is not a killing?The review is to grow up, let her grind more excellent works, not right.

Although Idechnna's work is a little, it is no problem!

It is obvious to see the potential of rotten films, but also powdering is peaceful, making it very good, your work is no problem, you are nausea!!!