"Feng Shen: 妲" "too old, Zhong Xin's shackle is not a problem, the plot vulnerability is the key

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"Feng Shen: 妲" "too old, Zhong Xin's shackle is not a problem, the plot vulnerability is the key

2021-11-26 00:07:42 8 ℃

The online movie "Feng Shen:" The "Feng Shen" starred in Zhongxin, Liu Wei, which is from the long novel "Sprinkler" in Xu Zhonglin, Ming Dynasty. As a work with a wide range of popularity, "Feng Shen Romance" has been adapted to many film and television works in the years.

In 2001, the 40-year-old TV drama "Feng Shen Bang" shot by Hong Kong TVB is the leader of the series. The drama has used a large number of Hong Kong first-line stars, which plays a deep impression on the audience. Under the interpretation of Wen Bixia, glamorous, charming fox is flexible, and the people who have a red disaster are set up. Until now, she is still not reduced in the Douban Comment Area. Some netizens said that "the most like this version is really a gap."

The famous "Feng Shen Romance" is frequently filmed, except Wen Bixia, the classic character of this household name is also played with many beautiful actresses. In the new movie "Feng Shen: Self", the classic role of this classic role is the top of Zhongxin. Extending the entertainment circle with a woman group twins, Zhong Xin, is known as Gillian, and she is beautiful and beautiful. At knowing, there are netizens to leave a message, "This life wants to see her out of the stupid and sweet, playing a belly black woman." This time, Gillian starred in the Su Yi, who was a disaster, but did not get a praise from the expectations.

At the age of 40 this year, Gilli played a delicate country's girl's role would make some viewers feel awkward. Plus Gillian has become rich in recent years, there is no advantage in the interpretation of this role, and is called by some viewers. For "meat". In fact, the Wen Bixia, which is a god of God, has been 35 years old. At the age of Gillian is not "Feng Shen: 妲" is not the key to the key, not to mention her value is to share.

The defeat of "Feng Shen: Self-self" is more than the midprint of the plot, it is difficult to accept the audience. For thousands of years, I have been nailed to have a historical shame. Her, what is the typical demon, which is called the demon, lascivious, and poisonous poisonous woman by the public, so that the image is often used as an anti-school.

"Feng Shen: 妲" is deliberately washing white, and the fragrance of the fox family is destroyed, there is nowhere to go, it is a poor person who has no life. After the guidance of the girls, they lived in their own body and became the daughter of Sushu Suzhou. This is different from the classic Su Yi and the pro.

Then, this new Soviet self-confident father, I went on the battle, I was inexplicably gang and I came to the horse on the horse. The two passed the quiet and beautiful creek, and it was also a "tree" bridge that was unfair. The Shangyu Wang took the soldiers and Malay relatives, because it was set to become an image of a hegemony, the line of the king is "either you take the lonely head, or you have a daughter." Can't help but make people doubt, this is love, where is this boring country?

Since this, the development of plots is increasingly leaving. Before the marriage, you should work together, you must recover the central government, and how to survive in the world, how to let the merchants will survive in the Qianqiu Dynasty. After the marriage, they will throw the brain. The two people who have sound have completely lost reason, build a mate, killing all loyalty. It is a "victim" that is called a "victim" since the stream of the people of the country, and the editor has changed to a "victim", followed by the "revenge".

When the Jiujou Fox is playing with others, it will only be moved, put the tail out, in addition to this, there is no move, a special effects travel all over the film. The ginger of the fairy ribs also has been modified in the film, subverting the traditional cognition, becoming a two-ha ugner. The king and the king and the minister are in the open space, I don't know what to do. Until the big finish, there are two gourds that have two gourds in Ginger tooth, and there are too many contradictions before and after the plot. This Hu is chaotic, so that many viewers have to live to live.

The lines of the sheet are also very rough. Self-rumored and two young sisters pray for the female sister to give their own way to give their own way, "I asked you a marriage, you can assist you, to achieve the wish. Self, it is too early to die, has not been buried. You can go quickly. As for the rear life, you have to look at the creation of the white words and classical glow, highlighting the literary level of the screenwriter, and the line is very unfinished.

It is not difficult to see that it has become the "Feng Shen: 妲" "" Feng Shen: "" "