After the big s divorced, the first appearance was first appeared, and the colored ruddy with friends, and everyone took a smile.

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After the big s divorced, the first appearance was first appeared, and the colored ruddy with friends, and everyone took a smile.

2021-11-26 00:02:06 4 ℃

Big s is the first time after divorce!

The recreation ride star makeup artist small P sunds the photo of the size of the size of the Size, and the "good friends big gatherings", lamenting time lapse, one is going to know, I have been 30 years.

It can be seen from the photos of the small P, and the big s light makeup, holding a friend's neck, and the eyes look a bit bleak, but the little s next to it is very spiritual.

At the same time, there is also a friend Fan Xiaoyu, Fan Qiqi, everyone to play together, look at it.

In another photo, the big s smiles, it is really like the old S husband, the whole person has a lot of thin, and the state is also a spring, and the color is rosy.

It may be that there is no gathering for a long time, and many people take a photo very joy, and the little S is also funny.

The small P teacher also replied to the netizen in the comment area, and praise the big s indeed thin: "It is very thin and beautiful."

Nowadays, the big s does not have much impact.

However, Wang Xiaofei seems uncomfortable here, and before the media reported that Wang Xiaofei, who has just been divorced with big s, has made Wang Xiaofei caught in a controversy.

After the divorce, Wang Xiaofei also got a "狗 终 终 是 被 被 被" Discussing the blog post of his and big s divorce, seems to be very recognized.

On the day of the official divorce, Wang Xiaofei also had a photo of Wang Xiaofei who met his own in Beijing Guomi Mall. In the photo, Wang Xiaofei wearing a suit with a mask, holding a coat in his hand.

Wang Xiaofei has been married to the big s for 10 years. This time, the divorce is expected. After all the big s is going to divorce, after half a year, the two finally signed, and the issue of property segmentation, there are also lawyers to explode, two negotiations I have a consensus.

It is also known that Wang Xiaofei is married after the real estate bought in Taiwan, and it is not only the name of the big s. Nowadays divorce, the big S is not only the winner, but also a lot of procedures.

Marriage is easy to warm and self-heating, the two people have a lot of questioning from the beginning, Wang Xiaofei has been rushing after marriage, and the big s has a lot of suffering in order to pregnant, the third child is still accidental abortion. The two can go through ten years, it is not easy.

Now choose divorce, you can only say that the two can get better than enough.

Also, it is reported that the small S return to the host new show, the big S is also a producer, netizens speculate that the big S is frequently interviewed, it is to set out the stand. However, the broker said that the big s has not been intended to work, indicating that it will take a while, take care of yourself and your family.