It is only 24 years old, and Wang Yibo lives into "married people", hiding his ambitions and teams.

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It is only 24 years old, and Wang Yibo lives into "married people", hiding his ambitions and teams.

2021-11-26 00:06:19 8 ℃

"This is a street dance", Wang Yibo has resumed "diving", and several people in November did not see his figure. Netizen laughed, this "married person" is busy, seeing him.

It is said that Wang Yibo is called "married people", it seems that he has started after he burst, and it is 24-year-old young guys. It is like an old cadres every day, especially in the same age artist, more appearance.

Because a "Chen Ying Order", Wang Yibo and his partner Xiao Wan famous noisy, the two quickly ranked among the first-line artist, with a few works of the workplace, becoming the artist of big red big purple.

At the beginning of 2020, Xiao Wan was aware of a large extent because of fan incident, and the sales have hidden for a long time, slowly relying on drama and several dramas to return to the public vision.

Xu is the cause of the peers, and the Wang Yibo team is a lot. Wang Yibo is quiet after the fire, and the more likely it is, the more likely it is, it is better to shoot, and take out one or two works. It is important.

Therefore, at the scene of the airport or activity, Wang Yibo is generally the lowest-tuning. His airport diagram, the most common match is a mask, a cap, and the side is close to his security.

Wang Yibo, who is in front of the fire, is much more dazzling. Some airports are even more than him. They also have a lot of tide cards. When they participate in variety "creation 101", when they are missing There have been many periods, but only a few times of presenting makeup is quite chic.

In the show, because Wu Xuanyi moves not standard, there is nothing to be big, but Wang Yibo, who is a dance mentor, also dares her, saying "Don't replace your captain", even if the program is broadcast The insults of Wu Xuanyi fans, but as a mentor and teacher, Wang Yibo still pointed out the problem.

It is almost very difficult to see the fashion cool cover, but the normal normal. The hairstyle of the staining, the ear, the clothing is also young. But now, only in "this is a street dance", it is rare to see you with his age.

Although some fans complained, Wang Yibo did not have a good thing in the original, but this is not a bad thing, and even ambitious ambition.

The first is the accurate grasp of the team. Although the figure of Wang Yibo disappeared after the "Everyday" revised, he has stayed in this stage for five years. As an old type of variety, "Everyday" nationality is much higher than Wang Yibo himself.

And the partnership of the predecessors such as Wang Han, the low-key is so steady, Wang Yibo is trying to do not inverting the words during the host, quietly listening, and more in the makeup, it is not as good as the big married.

The role he picks up also asks him to maintain a natural state, the team is obviously not prepared to let Wang Yibo continue to go on the road of love beans, and the character is also a tough man, "Ice Rain Fire" partner Chen Xiao starred in the anti-drug police, In the "Weihe Anti-Rhurder Team" and Huang Jingoyu jointly starred in peacekeeping police; a rare costume drama "wind Luoyang" seems to be a role of a probe.

From these roles, Wang Yibo and his team's positioning is not ordinary little artists, but transforming into real actors, naturally engraving the status is the type they pursue.

Even time, Wang Yibo has crowned the title of "fear" by netizens. He avoided moving with the female body in the stage was mad, this is really a ridiculous, and once a time, respect for women also became a kind The people can only say that the boy who can only say the circle is cleaner and clean.

In the entertainment circle, the public opinion is full of flying, and the little thing will be fermented. Wang Yibo's "married people" is also a big wisdom. The high self-discipline can make him more heart-freely enhanced business capabilities. Under such self-discipline, Wang Yibo can gently gently, and the work is constantly incorporated.