12/21 | Nouvelle's first recording room album "baby, don't be too sweet" is now online

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12/21 | Nouvelle's first recording room album "baby, don't be too sweet" is now online

2021-11-26 00:06:30 18 ℃

Dream / Nouvelle

Theme | No title is not named invading

* The following is provided by the band *

Nouvelle came from Guangzhou, with wet Zhujiang water vapor flavor, cold, blurred tone integration into a very tensioned Punk drum point, poetic written on those who have lost their losses and unconsciously entangled. Following 2017 After the first work of the same name EP, four years have done a sincerity full-time album "baby, don't be too sweet" made by Yang Haizhen, "Baby, not too sweet".

In the era of huge waves, "love" has been precious, and the nerves of the tightness are tidy, and the long-awaited emotions are covered under the laminar. I want to catch those who are about to lose in the waves, I also want to have a lot of emotions in the spray - these are not famous and the emotions, like Nouvelle, in the "new" wave, swords in front, straight face There is midnight dream of an era. These hidden emotions in the dark face have become "baby, don't be too sweet" by Nouvelle.

They praised the feelings of this era, singing with "seeking" in hysteria, those about the ideal, about the fight, with guitar, burst with burst drums, sprinkled with sharp rain, wet Pouting in the heart. And often used the first person's narrative lyrics, from the specific "self" to the listener's "own", it is easy to enter the world of Nouvelle. They raised a hidden bridge in the sound transfer, and they will pass "love" a multi-dimensional world, to every auditor's mind.

This album starts with "responsible", "victim" is ending, not only rises to another level, but also will be lifted by the ideal soul with free-oriented proposition. The rotten and colorful juvenile feelings, the bulletin is attributed to the rough retro sound waves, open the audience's ear and thoughts.

The melody, noise interleaving, the time that is Nouvelle has arrived, the emotions that cannot be retained, delivered to the melodies collided in the three major parts of their hands.

Copywriting: Zhouzhou

This album is designed for handmade collage and slides more.

Album design: S.M.B

About Nouvelle

Photography: Li Luck

Nouvelle is a three-person group independent rock band in Guangzhou. Through the very identified cold distortion guitar tone, with the powerful punk point, slowly write a sudden flashback of an old era. They have a stare against "new", and build their music world in trivial microecons. The moment is awake, always in the province, in the era, the emotions of the surprises, the narrative circulation is built on the self-excavation and external world.

Nouvelle's recent performance

Nouvelle participating session:

December 17th Hangzhou LOOPY

December 18th Shanghai SYSTEM

December 19th Suzhou Hill Livehouse

December 21st Nanjing Euler Art Space

December 22 Hefei on the Way

December 23, Xinxiang Yongwai Subark

December 24th Xi'an Vein Future Club

December 25 THE BOO

December 26, Beijing 24D Space

"Baby, don't be too sweet"

Words: Wu Ji / Liu Kailong

Composer: Wu Ji / Liu Kailong

Arrangement: nouvelle

Main singing / guitar / and sound: Wu Jiawei

Guitar / Synthesizer / and Sound / Piano: Liu Kailong

Beth / and Sound: Peng Shi

Drum / Music / and Sound: Wu Guohong

Recording / mix / production: Yang Haishu

Mare: Garrett Haines

Recording shed: TreeElady Studios

Cover visual design: S.M.B

Translation: Liu Kailong


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