Daxie District Xie Tianhua has a crab clamping in the kitchen, and the other four have no response, is it normal?

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Daxie District Xie Tianhua has a crab clamping in the kitchen, and the other four have no response, is it normal?

2021-11-26 00:06:48 5 ℃

Xie Tianhua in the five brothers in the Daxan District, wrapped in hand when the crab in the kitchen was handled, and the other four people's reaction was normal?

After the brothers in the Daxan District, I successfully turned over with a variety show "Brother", I started the next variety "Darling Night", as a food program!

In the new one, Xie Tianhua is preparing for the dish of dishes in the kitchen. Everyone is busy, Chen Xiaochun is preparing for the fish head tofu soup, Zhang Zhilin is busy with the vegetables, cut the squid, Lin Xiaofeng is peeling Garlic, washing skin shrimp, Liang Han is busy cutting vegetables.

Xie Tianhua prepared for the cold swabs in the evening, busy cutting crabs, took out the crabs in the bag, Xie Tianhua "Wow", slammed back. Then, Xie Tianhua immediately checks the fingers, this time he is obviously clamped by the crab pliers, looks at the eyes, squeezing the finger, Xie Tianhua touches the fingers, self-speaking: "Ever, this crab ! "

At this time, the reactions of several other people are bright:

Only when I passed the Xie Tianhua, I saw an eye, and then I didn't say that turned around.

The rest of the individuals also didn't have anything, and Lin Hanwen asked a "clip of you."

So is this reaction? Let us exemplify: In fact, there are many similar cooking programs in the interior, often some small unexpectedly scratched, usually people in the team will show a panic, and it is also a recorded labore. Bacard, no slightly! In the "star chef" But next to the little girl, hurry to make a special post, you have to give He Jie, Guo Qilin also quickly let go.

Seeing such a scene, the straight Qin Haijun said directly, don't be show, there is no bleeding, what is creative, I really can't see you!

When the sky is angry, Guo Qilin is only embarrassed to return to a sentence: "Do you Mom, you are too straight."

I have to say that the reaction of the brothers of Qin Haihao and Dawan District is normal. This small injury does not need to be excessive care, especially in the programs, encounter such situations, excessive concerns will be reversed, The audience is considered to be too affection!

Of course, in daily life, as ordinary people, we generally encounter such situations, they will not care, unless they are particularly affection, otherwise it is a small thing.

In this regard, what do you think? Welcome to the message!