Liu Tao, Deng Chao, Luo Jin, Huang Lei, who is the power that is not ignored in Jiangxi people?

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Liu Tao, Deng Chao, Luo Jin, Huang Lei, who is the power that is not ignored in Jiangxi people?

2021-11-26 00:06:16 7 ℃

The number of entertainment stars counts, and the strength is even more ended. Stars from different regions have made a place in the entertainment industry with high popularity and representatives, and Jiangxi is a force that cannot be ignored.

Liu Tao is Jiangxi, "Tianlong Babu", "White Snake", "琊 琊", "芈 芈 传" has laid a solid foundation for her high popularity. Until "Happy" broadcast, Liu Tao's performance industry came to a new height.

In the drama, she played a business executive Andy, and the quality of temperament captured a lot of audience. Andy is an independent powerful business woman, handling the business calm, out of the air field. This role has brought a lot of popularity to Liu Tao, which is the classic representative of Liu Tao in recent years.

Another Jiangxi star is Deng Chao, compared to other identity labels, Deng Chao's comedy image may be more deeply rooted. Just entering the entertainment circle, Deng Chao is a "emperor professional household", "juvenile days", "juvenile Kangxi", "Ming and the end of the world", "The world" all played, these dramas helped him open Personal visibility.

Later, "Breakup Master", "Bright Heart", "Mermaid" is released, so that the audience see more likely to be in the field of film and television dramas. He can do both the comediesmanship, you can also interpret the topic film, with excellent acting, Deng Chao succession powder, win the box office reputation. The "shadow" and "Yinhe Power Class" released in recent years are also good, and they can't help but expect Deng Chao's next work.

Luo Jin is also a Jiangxi star, although there is not much pole role, but Luo Jin's acting has always been obvious. "Beauty Heart", "X Female Specialist", "Jinxiu Dou", let the audience have seen Luo Jin's acting transformation, while the acting is gradually mature, Luo Jin is also trying to transform, looking for the most suitable development direction.

The performance of his "Anjia" can be said to be a lot of people, and he is playing with Sun Hao, and Xu Wenchang. Different from the wolf management of the housing (Sun Hao), Xu Wenchang strongly advocates humanized management, and will not deliberately press the employee, nor will it take a means to suppress competitors. In this case, the store business has a thousand feet, and the bad breath directly derives a group of employees who don't think. Despite the difference between the housing, Xu Wenchang is still working with the other party, and the two sides have gradually gain each other with each other.

Recently, Huang Lei, active in a variety show is from Nanchang, Jiangxi, "April Day", "Orange Red" is his representative. In addition, the "small leave", "small joy", "small joy", "small joy" can also see his figure, the role positioning of Huang Lei in the two dramas is a good father of the Buddha, and there is not much demand for the results. However, due to the educational problem of children and their divisions.

In addition, Huang Lei also appeared in the "long life" in the guests in the guest, and the dialogue between the programs and his in-depth thinking about the problem, causing the audience's resonance and recognition, this program also Provide an emotional link to the audience with the viewer.

Referring to Jiangxi Star, Chen Hong will have a name. In the early years, she participated in the film version of "Red Mansions", "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Daming Palace" and other film and television dramas, the play is like a fairy, is amazing. Especially in the "Daming Palace", Chen Hong almost perfectly restores Taiping Princess, and smiles are extraordinarily beautiful, and it is not open.

After marriage with Chen Kaige, Chen Hong's work was placed more on the scene. The total production piece of her served as "无极", "Mei Lanfang", "Zhao's Orphan", etc. The "Changjin Lake" Chen Hong, the "Changjin Lake" of the National Day, unveiled the movie exhibition, Compared with past, more, more than a few years of precipitation charm.

It is worth mentioning that the new generation of powerful actors Peng Hao is also a Jiangxi artist. He entered the entertainment circle through the "Prince Primrit", and later "a lot of flowers", "flash girl", etc. In the play, there are more and more viewers remember this name.

At the same time, he nominated the 55th Taiwan Movie Golden Horse Award Best Award, which is a dream of a lot of people. Peng Yuxi's potential in the field of film and television dramas has passed the drama, and therefore, it has harvested more popularity. In the "all kind" in cooperation with Yao Chen, Peng Hao is just incarnation of Mongolian son. At first, he did not wait to see Su Mingyu (Yao Chenjie). After seeing the scene of Ming Yu office, he began to seriously think about the company's management problem. After a experience, it has achieved faster growth.

As the strength of the entertainment industry, the new generation of actors, Peng Hai Chang's acting has received more and more recognition, many times, the resources are always good, looking forward to the future Peng Hao can bring more quality works to the audience.