Zhao Liying appeared in the Shanghai Airport and went to Feng Shaofeng to visit his son, with his son to separate!

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Zhao Liying appeared in the Shanghai Airport and went to Feng Shaofeng to visit his son, with his son to separate!

2021-11-26 00:07:01 6 ℃

On June 18, Zhao Liying appeared in Shanghai Airport and was taken by the media. She put on a cool installation into a focus. Plaid shirt with plaid shorts, fresh and energetic. Wear a white fisherman hat, simple but fashion, the legs are fine. Have to say, since Zhao Liying is a mother, the clothes are getting better and better, plasticity is very plasticity.

It is reported that this show Shanghai is the private trip of Zhao Liying. Previously, the studio disclosed June of Zhao Liying. After participating in three activities, Zhao Liying did not arrange other work after June 10. I don't know if the previous itinerary is too busy. Zhao Liying looked more slim than before, his shorts were a bit fat, which really made him slim a new height.

Previously, on June 11, the media took Zhao Liying from Xi'an to Shanghai. After all, Zhao Liying stayed in Shanghai for a whole week, because it was not a work trip. I am afraid that Ying Bao will go to Shanghai to visit his son. After all, now his son wants to stay in Shanghai, take care of Feng Shaofeng and his family. Previously, some media broke the news, they wanted to stay with Feng Shaofeng, so in this time, Zhao Liying came to Feng Shaofeng to pick up the children's Dragon Boat Festival.

After a short week with his son, the mother and son must be separated. I don't know if Zhao Liying is separated from her son. She is a bit uncomfortable. Seeing her this time in Shanghai Airport, the entire package is sealed, there is no obvious expression on the face. She has been low, she is very lonely, and she only has a cousin, which is a bit distressed.

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It is understood that in the first two days, the cousin also shared video dynamics on the social platform. The positioning showed people in Shanghai, but Zhao Liying did not appear in the lens, I am afraid it is also cherishing time, I have been accompanying children, enjoy a short parent-child time, Have to say, Ying Bao is still a busy job, but also a good heart, it is really a good mother, and when the mother, Zhao Liying has more concern.

Calculating, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng Peace announced that the divorce has been time, although the two people can't prevent this news is very shocking, but they still give each other enough to respect each other enough to respect and protect, there is no more dog blood plot, It's a good ending, after all, two people know that the divorce is a kind of harm to the child, the only thing to do, don't make the damage to the injury, the two will have died after divorce. Responsibility, still love your child very much.

Zhao Liying's current state is not bad. A few attended the event can't see that she has just experienced divorce winds. It is like what happened, and Feng Shaofeng also tried to unwarly. In the near future, even two dramas, resources It has not been affected, Feng Shaofeng attended the event, still in the world, Wen Wenya, for many people, I still feel blame.

There were also media broke the news. Zhao Liying wanted to compete for his son's custody, let his son follow his own side, for this broken, the two sides did not respond, in fact, everything about the child did not say much, so the outside world does not need too much guess Give some respect and understanding.

No matter what the two are divorced, since the choice of separation is not love, or it is not suitable for each other, and it is also hoped that the two people can encounter real gangs, and they can find the right person.