Also say no one holds her?

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Also say no one holds her?

2021-11-26 00:08:05 15 ℃

I heard that "fatal wishes" is very fire ~

The Secretary is full of open video, then a confused,

This suspense drama is realized to give me a whole understanding.

A aque is directly scored 4.5 points.

Last year, when the "Fray Theater" series came, I won the best on the line.

"The truth of the uncelon" is now maintained at 9.1.

"The hidden corner" has formed a phenomenonal grade god.

"Have you climbed together? I will take pictures of you."

Sorry, you don't have this opportunity!

This year, the fog theater returns again, and it is also full of expectations.

The opening of "octagonal pavilion" has brought together Duan Yahong, Zu Feng, Hao Lei, Wu Yue, etc.

The card is powerful, but the story is too flat.

The suspense drama of the crime is the performance of the dog's blood family ethics drama.

Finally, only 5.7 points.

The first response is not good, and the audience will be husted to the second "deadly wish".

"Deadly Wish" uses "strength delivery + new generation + flow",

It can be said that the Nimici is all right.

But it is the expectation of many people, and there is no voice after broadcast.

The biggest point of view may be specially starring Yang Rong ~

Yes, my sister is a reply role.

The sister knows if it is playing!

I mentioned Yang Rong, everyone's deepest impression is: "Wan Years", "bad woman professional households",

In fact, Yang Rong is going early, and the trick has always been very smooth.

At the age of 11, Yang Rong saw the dance class of the literary school in the newspaper.

Just talk to my mother to learn to learn dance.

When the 13 years old, he got the appreciation of the teachers of the provincial drama group under the head.

It is recommended that she went to Xie Jin Hengtong Star School to learn performance.

At the age of 15, I starred in Xie Jin's "Opium War", playing a little 鬟 in it.

16 years old was admitted by the Performance Department of Shanghai Drama Academy.

Her scene of the scene is also known as the star class.

Yan Dawei, Feng Shaofeng, Cheng Lisha, Xiao Li Lin is her classmate.

Big Sannet was seen in Zhang Yimou, let her go to the female owner of "Happy Time",

As a result, Yang Rong just had an advertisement.

When she took the time to pass, it has been five o'clock in the afternoon.

Let Zhang Yizhen wait for 4 hours,

Finally, it is naturally no performance, Dong Jie is a "gathering", fire.

Yang Rong first was well known by the audience.

Or is she played in the TV series "Youth Son".

With superb acting and excellent color value in the drama,

Got the appreciation of Zhao Baogang director.

At that time, Zhao Guo was "like a fog as a rain and like the wind".

Alternative is Yang Rong and Luo Haiqiong.

As a result, Yang Rong said: Her nine o'clock, she has been lying in bed ready to rest.

Can you change it to the interview tomorrow?

The opportunity is not ok, the next day Luo Haiqiong set up this role.

This seemingly free thing, there is a three,

The "Jade Guanyin" in Haiyan is playing the archete, and he value Yang Rong.

Let Yang Rong fly in Beijing to try on the weekend.

However, Yang Rong felt that he went to him, and his life was unfamiliar, he refused.

Finally ... Sun Hao is full of fire because of "Jade Guanyin".

Yang Rong's resources are really good, but they are all missed.

Until in 2011, the contract is contracting in the studio.

It officially started her ancient drama era.

Cold knowledge: Yu Zhenghe Yang Rong is the duty classmate in the playing performance department.

Yang Rong has been playing since the exhibition, is a forward role.

The first place to play the opponent is "Palace Lock Bead Curtain".

At first she didn't want to take this role,

Because it is the character of the Buddha, it is difficult to play.

It was until you read the script to convince yourself.

In this role, Yang Rong saw more possibilities on himself.

She also started a role for myself.

In the original "Legend of Lu Hao", Xiao Yuyun is not Yang Rong,

Yang Rong ran to Hengdian and said, let her try it.

Since then, I opened the counterpart switch on her body.

After that, each of her play is basically a bad woman.

佟 毓 秀 in the city lock in the city -

Huo Chengjun in "Song of Yunzhong" -

In addition to the costume drama, the modern drama can't let go.

"Love's Creative Dry" Xu Ying -

Du Xiaoyan in "Thousand Golden Thief" -

Although playing is a heart-saving anti-party role,

But because of exquisite acting, it has been more recognized.

Success from "female two professional households" became "spike the main professional household".

Yang Rongneng has today's achievements, and also can't open with her boss - Yu Zheng!

But the two people don't have a lot of things because of the "Feng Prison Phoenix".

At that time, I held the movie right of "Feng Prison Phoenix".

And he is more than once in Weibo, the female owner is Yang Rong.

In 2014, it was publicly expressed to "our family Chu Yu."

Many suggest that Yang Rong is Chu Yu, and said it will be turned on immediately.

When promoting Yang Rong new drama, he did not forget that Yang Rong has a top IP "Feng Prison Phoenix".

Just when everyone thinks that Yang Rong is a female two, it is finally going to be returned to the woman.

As a result, I didn't expect to change to Jut Xiao.

The response to this is:

Copyright has expired, have to be shot, but Yang Rong files will not be on. Such a response to the perfunctory also attracts the spit of netizens:

I am distressed that Yang Rong, the princess in the play encounters the true princess!

Yang Rong himself is also very helpless, it is called "I don't know what to say".

In fact, this is not the first time I smoked.

Before there was an interview with the right: Why did "Yan Xi Raiders" will choose Wu to do the heroine?

Yu Zheng said that when Wu Jindan came, Yuan Hao just gone.

And Yang Rong didn't want to play ...

It is also known that Wu Jindan is the first person in his heart.

But ... Director remembers that I still said that Baby didn't come to play a small dragon, and it was a regret.

Heartache is a small cage for 1 minute,

However, Yang Rong said that "Yanbi Raiders" is really possible.

"Yanbi Raiders" boot on June 16, 2017,

And "Shahai" is turned on in September of the same year.

Therefore, Yang Rong is likely to push "Yan Xi Raiders" to play "Shahai".

The fire of "Yan Xi Raiders" contrasts that "Shahai" is not hot, and the netizens who love the heart began to hurt Yang Rong.

But her attitude is actually very Buddha.

Her studies have learned to be a star; and now she is more enjoyable.

Maybe this is why she played for so many years, there is no complaint.

I have desperately desperate three maiden, and now I will slow down and start to enjoy life.


One person goes to travel -

For Yang Rong, she cared is that her role has been remembered by the audience.

In the past 25 years, she also played a lot of roles.

The audience always said: Yang Rong, the fire is not fire!

But this is not just proved that the role she shaped is very successful?

The actor should not only be filmed for red, and the role to play himself is that an actor really should do.

There is no small role, only an actor who is not working hard.

We don't have to pursue the focus of everyone, walking yourself, silently glowing is also a shining performance.