"Female Psychologist": Don't hate someone, what does it mean?

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"Female Psychologist": Don't hate someone, what does it mean?

2021-11-26 00:07:14 3 ℃

How long have you, haven't I tried to feel the heart?

"Female Psychologist" in the hot broadcast, the subtle love between Heton and Qian's opening also surfaced.

He Ton is expected to come into contact with the family members of the vision of the career, private and the consultant. For others, I am sad. She feels nothing, and there is some kind of freedom of being free.

When talking to girlfriends Tang Lili at the bar, she used her professional skills, guess the personality characteristics of the boys who saw, and described to girlfriends, quite a bit of fun, half-family and half entertainment.

When you see the money, Tang Lili describes "elegance, lively, and lovely."

He Ton used a series of derogatory words: temptation, love, herself, Zhang Yang, self-righteousness, self-proclaimed, lack, late love, and birds will only like this type.

No one can make it completely objective, HTON is no exception. He Ton at this time, I remembered the unpleasant passage of the Youth Years and the money, so the evaluation of the money is one side.

It is said that the authorities are fascinated, and the Subcom is known that they have already opened their hearts, but they are not willing to admit in the consciousness.

Or bystander Tang Lili is clear, she understands Heumin's character, although she doesn't know what professional mental knowledge, but she can feel that He Ton he is unrecognized with a girl's delicateness and the sixth sense. "Don't name a person, what does it mean? Like him."

According to the truth, He Ton is a psychological counselor. It should be strong than the average person's ability to understand the ability and emotional observance. This is probably a blind spot for people. I want to see myself. What's more, feelings are blind, stunned and moth. I don't want to know again, because you can't run your feelings, the fate of the fate is unclear.

Writers Feng Tang has a brilliant theory for feelings: "People are controlled by hormones to some extent." He divided love into three phases. In the first stage, the two were first met, the highest level of adrenal hormone level was similar to that of the moth fire. The second stage, dopamine, two people like a glue, but it will not be over-impulsive. In the third stage, endorphin will take highlands to make people in a comfortable and peaceful state.

It is true that Feng Tang summed up in place. The problem is that the two will not think of these hormones and theories when they are in love. They will only be immersed in sweetness. You can say absurd, you can say that you can say it.

There is no feeling of feelings, even if it is a secret, each of the eyes, every eye, every heartbeat is a show of vigorous vitality.

Listening to your heart, no question, is the best choice, indulging in the "lightning fire, shaking the morning".

He Ton didn't know that the analysis of her is also a smartly psychological self-defense. I want to find a reason to give my own steps. By telling myself "The other party is not good, not worthy of love", good Slave the facts of your own heart.

Heton's camouflage is her protective color, love is not rational, rational explanation is not love enough.

The feelings are the same as coughing, can't hold it, no matter whether you are willing to admit. He Ton and money will be destined to leave a strong color in each other's life.

There is a paragraph on the Internet: "Love will not be indifferent because of reason, and will not disappear because of the ambition. It is the second life, it sees the soul, warm each blood vessel, beat every A pulse is among the pulse. "

People live, joyful, really can bring you happiness or love, when you don't love, you must leave, you can love a game when you love, you can walk this. In the next day, I was in the dark, I asked a little moonlight that day.