Set off honeymoon hairdry hot waves, happy door, music festival burning early winter!

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Set off honeymoon hairdry hot waves, happy door, music festival burning early winter!

2021-11-26 00:07:16 6 ℃

What is the best look of love? From a minute and one second to a lifetime, every moment of together is awkward, the time will be witnessed, and the product will also witness the product. His "honeymoon season" has continued for 7 years, "honeymoon" is about a living concept of happiness, a good mattress will bring a happiness story for each family.

On November 27th, the seventh season of the Honeymoon Monthly Affairs War - Honeymoon Card Music Festival Wuxi Station will unzip smooth music and comfortable home integration, invited heavy guests, dry, and open with you A hearty carnival party.

Heavy guests jointly, open the most IN 蹦 之

The seventh season, Honeymoon season, heart music festival, hedgehog band, velvet road band strongly united, interpretation of a visual feast of sweet happiness and fashion trend collision!

Hedgehog band

The famous inland band is formed in early 2003, which is consistent with the guitarist Zhao Zijian, BES-hand He Yifan, drummer stone. In 2019, he participated in the first season "The Summer Summer" and the name is noisy, and the powder is not numb. Three interesting souls, four seas, music love never stop.

Velvet road band

Velvet Road, China's hard rolling road, "velvet" represents sexy and gorgeous, "highway" symbolizes rough and freedom. The band took the tough attitude to the cold eye and contempt in the hard-shake band. The stage was launched in the stage, and the first solid footprint was shaped for China, opened the road of hard rock.

In addition to the super-band lineup, on the 27th, the happy gates will also bring other carnival activities for the audience. Gourmet, beautiful wine, music should have, the audience can feel the sweet moments of honeymoon while enjoying the lively atmosphere, witness the "like you, love a life" brand concept. At the same time, Xilinmen Wuxi store also brings a surprise product discount, the right price purchase of honeymoon season new products deep sleeping I gift soft bed, sofa, massage chair, participation in the lottery more opportunities to win Atlantis honeymoon double tour, Multi-welfare offer should not miss.

Honeymoon collision music, love more than a moment

37 years of cultivating precipitation, from "protection of spine" to focus "deep sleep", Xi Juan door has always been tireless, solving user needs, and achieves sleep technology breakthrough. As a national brand and domestic goods, Xi Linmen leads the development with high-end goals, with high-end services, caring for every Chinese family, truly letting a short honeymoon have become a long-lasting happiness.

The honeymoon music festival is a homogeneous battle, aimed at building an emotional connection with young groups in the field of music, in-depth to more cultural circles, to open the love of life for more people. As a high-rated national tide mattress brand, I will advocate the culture and love culture for many years.

Since the beginning of 2015, the Honeymoon from "Love Hai" is "like you, loves a lifetime", always witnessing the sweet love of all consumers, I hope to tell everyone through every year's honeymoon, honeymoon is more than honeymoon And love more than a moment. "Honeymoon" is a kind of living concept about happiness. From a minute and one second to a lifetime, every moment of together is a honeymoon, this is the brand feeling of Xijun Want to pass to the public.

Like you, love your life, let love more close

From October 22nd to November 28th, the Honeymoon Season seventh season passed the heart of zebra crossing, the heart, the honeymoon, and the form of multi-form, multi-faceted theme activities, vividly interpreted the sweet and happy life. Not only that, the national 100-storey store will also start the honeymoon season, and more than forty heavy stars have arrived at the scene, and the seventy season of the Honeymoon will help.

Dynamically cool music, gorgeous ornate stage, this time, Xi Linmen invites you to go to this honeymoon season, use youthful movement, ignite the passion in the early winter, now Wuxi's big happy door store can receive tickets for free, with a ticket Field, November 27th, Wuxi Huaxia Home Port, look forward to taking a full field with you!