[HK Express] Yuan Weihao Zhang Baoer married the first anniversary Liao Bier accidentally falls the urgency Wen Bixia to see "Mei Yanfang"

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[HK Express] Yuan Weihao Zhang Baoer married the first anniversary Liao Bier accidentally falls the urgency Wen Bixia to see "Mei Yanfang"

2021-11-26 00:07:28 19 ℃

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Yao Zhimi and family celebrate the birthday A s s s s: 惊 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 唔 网 网::::: 入 入 入

Yao Zima has passed her 41-year-old birthday, and I celebrated it for a few days. The quaum laughed recently finally had a free time in IG released with friends and family. Although the quaum has already stepped into 40, it is still maintained, and the girl's taste is also saved, and it is 41 years old. The quaise chose to celebrate with your sister, cousin and love dogs and Australia on the day of the day.

After reading the photos of the Ziqi released, it was praised that the was an goddess. The 33-year-old sister Rao Huishan (Sandy) is also a goddess person. Sandy original occupation is a finance and finance, but early Before you have left, you are currently unknown. The Sandy is full of beauty, the eyes are big, and the bag face, laughing, there is a natural and cute, can't help but make netizens, "Point to go to the family."

Wen Bixia Tour Sanya Dang returned to Bali desire 睇 "Mei Yanfang" movie Rechange Mei Sister

Wen Bixia (Irene) is a "crazy 731" for shooting, "crazy 731" has been left in the mainland, and it is still in shooting, but iRene's businesspening and film still have not stopped. These days have no drama, first Flying to Huzhou near Shanghai, she is the most happy to work in Taihu Castle with a fairy tale world, one side, the name is actually working in entertainment.

After flying to Sanya vacation, big sun-sunshine scenery and slings, asking her not afraid of cold? She said that Huzhou and Sanya weather are very good. The temperature is most comfortable at the time of 28 degrees. It is not hot and not hot, and I am laughing: "I hung up the island, because the epidemic is two years old, only come to Sanya vacation Go to Lei Island to play. "

Irene is very concerned about Hong Kong and family. It is striving to strive to return to Hong Kong and family next month. I really want to see, but the daily theater is full, I miss the voice of Mei Mei, appreciate her supermulk character and stage attraction, she is a classic perfect singer, she is always our most memorable idol. "

Liao Bier accidentally fell, and worried about the injury: My face! nose! I am really shocking.

The artist Liao Bier (BERNICE) suddenly posted multiple X-rays in Ig on Wednesday (24th), making netizens worried. She attached her long literary explanation. She said in English that she was inadvertently fell in a few days, and her face hit forward. To immediately see us. Bernice continued, she took a detailed X-ray film, "The knee and elbow are I don't worry too much, but my face! Nose! I am really shocked ... I fell, I immediately guard my nose, Because I am too afraid, this will be more painful than my hands and feet. "

She thanked the hospital's medical staff to check, determine the situation. Bernice thanked the little sister and Mr. G, she was at home and took place. Many artists such as Hu Xinger, Lin Baoqi, etc. I hope she will recover soon.

1st anniversary of marriage

Artists Yuan Weihao and Zhang Baoer's first anniversary, today (24th) Yuan Weihao once again PO, when I married Zhang Baoer, I still feel good for marriage life, and the seventh words: "There is a first anniversary of our marriage. I still feel that this is very fresh, because I am very happy every day, it is a blessing, health is wealth, thank you for your friends, thank you for your blessings, look forward to You can get together with you soon. "Zhang Baoer said:" You have remembered that it is our first anniversary. A few days ago, thank you for your blessings. "

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