Why can Wu Beijing beat Wu Jing, let the "Changjin Lake" become the first bidding box office first?

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Why can Wu Beijing beat Wu Jing, let the "Changjin Lake" become the first bidding box office first?

2021-11-26 00:05:54 5 ℃

The box office of "Changjin Lake" officially exceeded the "Wolf 2" on the top of the Chinese language.

This time, it is not a few representatives, but most of them promote a few, "Changjin Lake" is a good thing. Wu Jing defeated Wu Jing and five layers.

First, the previous movie is an elite, they use their brush to instill their thoughts, and no matter what the people like.

The masses like it, that is, they are a little art taste, and the people can't drive them. The masses don't like it, that is, the audience is garbage, don't understand appreciation.

The top of "Changjin Lake" said that the movie returned to the original look. The people like to see the most important, whether you are expensive or master.

Wu Jing took out the most common will of the people, so there will be so many people enter the theater, so there will be so many people, because Wu Jing is in the way they make quick money, unveil the mask of them.

The second is that the top of "Changjin Lake" will make the gap in the Chinese film market gradually improve and transition to the industrial era.

China's film is very large, there are many types of Chinese movies, but from 1905, "Dingjun Mountain" was born to now, the value of domestic film output has always been as good as the national self-confidence.

Wu Jing's emergence fills this gap, the Chinese can also hold the national flag to protect the nationals, and Chinese people can also have no threats.

From the "Wolf" "committing me, although far away".

"Wolf 2" "Side of the Pubtle, Let others sleep", to "save the world, save humanity", "Rescue World", "Changjin Lake", and the Guardian Wei Guo. "

These creative movies have highlighted "self-confidence" this value, China is not a hundred years ago, there is no need to bow on.

The national self-confidence is not blindly, but is very straight back, "Changjin Lake" and "Wolf 2" is easy to make, let movie output "national self-confidence" ideas of this idea of ​​this idea continues to expand and slowly expand .

In addition to the national self-confidence, "Changjin Lake" became a championship champion of the shadow history, and also shows the feasibility of domestic film industrialization.

This movie belongs to the three director's own positions, and then the respective parts are organically integrated together, although there are some flaws, but there is less violation.

Such a successful implementation of the industrialization process of the pipeline processing, under the premise of quality and quantity, on time, convenient and fast, the era of Chinese movies.

Third, the Wolf PTSD is moving to Changjin Lake PTSD, such a change, joy.

In the past, those PTSDs, they were black and Wujing, saying that his movie took patriotic as a business, and always highlights individual heroism, and takes care of collective honor.

This "Changjin Lake" became the first, and PTSD began to hop.

Because the points they attack, "Changjin Lake" is a victory of collectivism. It is a victory of the people's choice, and Wu Jing is another crowned.

However, they will also have the organization of shadow to yin and yang, after all, they can think of a clear question, but they are too lazy.

If you organize the movie can break the box office record, how did the previous main melody movies don't do? When the flow era is prevalent, the movies starring the idols did not stop.

The fourth is to reflect the superiority of the system, and the control of the epidemic can be implemented without the entertainment of "Typo".

After the era of the post-epidemic, "Changjin Lake" is not only a Chinese vast book office champion, but also this year's global box office champion.

And this kind of thing is generally in the body, but this year's super hero is full, and it is also showing Hollywood blockbuster no longer being welcomed by China. The gap between China and American movies is gradually shrinking.

Fifth, the top of "Changjin Lake" once again explained home, country, comedy, which can cause a wide resonance of elements that are traffic passwords.

Throughout the top five of the Chinese movie box office, "Changjin Lake" is a country, "Wolf 2" is a country, "Hello, Li Huanying" is a home, "Which of the magic" is a comedy, "Wandering Earth is home.

Because of the homes, the country, the comedy is not a moving threshold for ordinary people. They can easily watch, enjoy the discussion, and don't understand, excessively interpreted.

Just understand the traffic password, you have to use the IQ, at least respect for the audience, don't take the bold to be bored, and you will not return.

The cake of Chinese movies is, the bigger the Chinese movie can be released.

The prosperity of Chinese movies has never relying on local things, rather than having less, and the courtyard is not able to live, not less super hero, movie will not move.