"Overlord Boulevard", the kiss of Zhang Guorong's face, in fact, Chen Kaige left?

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"Overlord Boulevard", the kiss of Zhang Guorong's face, in fact, Chen Kaige left?

2021-11-26 00:07:39 17 ℃

There is a play in "王 别 姬", is the Cheng Dushi and Ge You played by Zhang Guorong, Yuan Siye, who was played by Yuan Guo, and Zhang Guorong shed marks. However, this kiss is not a friend, not to make a makeup teacher. , But director Chen Kaige kissed.

Because when shooting this play, let Ge Yao made a difficulty. As the Beijing Master, he looked at Zhang Guorong's handsome face.

Chen Kaige saw the assistant to go to knew, but the assistant was not willing to go, it is a bit embarrassed.

There is no way, since this is only allowing makeup artificial as a makeup, but Chen Kaige is a person who is perfect for detail, so after seeing the picture filmed, he shook his head indicating that there was no feeling.

For the art, Chen Kaige decided to personally played, and finally, this showed the picture of Cheng Die's full-faced distraction we saw.

In fact, when Chen Kaige is looking for Ge You to play the role of "Yuan Fang" in "Yuan Siki", he is not much, and there is not much allegation.

But later, Zhang Fengyi, Zhang Guoyong so many superstars come to participate, you may wish to make up and lively, there are so many strengths, definitely can't.

In this way, Ge You starred in the "Yuan Dai" in the "Yuan Shu", and finally the acting skills were also amazing. It is a skull, as long as people stop, the gas field I feel stable.

And for Ge You 's performance in this play, there is a media saying: If there is no words, I am afraid that Zhang Guorong will give the mainland actor to the mainland actor, see the essence of its acting skills.

For Ge You, what roles do you familiar with him?