At first sight: Xu Shaoshuai has the overbearing of Suiji, can it be crushed Tan Yulin to hold the beauty

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At first sight: Xu Shaoshuai has the overbearing of Suiji, can it be crushed Tan Yulin to hold the beauty

2021-11-26 06:03:26 13 ℃

Recently, the Chenxing Xu, Zhang Jing instrument, Lin Yanjun warlord drama starring Republican theme "first sight" independent broadcast Youku.

Produced a launch, it has consistently ranked in the top three ratings.

The reason why we are concerned about this drama, starring contributed three.

Chen Xingxu with "Legend of the Condor Heroes" in a corner of handsome Yang Kang received wide attention.

And let him overnight fame is the first film in the history of slag male - "Orient House" in the Lee Seung-Yin.

Whether Lee Seung-Yin or Yang Kang, are high position, facial features handsome, jade tree slag male.

Chen Xingxu played the male Tan Xuan Lin in "love at first sight", the commander is the next plane to Shanghai. Shanghai power but no real king.

Chen Xingxu take off the costume, wearing military uniform. Cool trace masculine soldiers. A charming and really is another.

And Tan Xuan Lin handsome ruffian ruffian handsome drama, but also brains. Absolute "tease girl" players.

Xu Guangyao played by men and two singers Lin Yanjun.

Xu Guangyao and Mu Wan Qing childhood, passionately devoted to her.

Wan Qing Mu every danger, is his "hero to the rescue." Such as, Mu Tan Xuan Lin Wan Qing kidnapped.

Again, as Wan Qing Mu mother wake, almost Cui Jie "indecent assault"!

Wan Qing Mu is also stepmother, sister, overtly or covertly, marginalized, suppressed. Xu Guangyao are escort for her.

Mu Min Wan Qing was the culmination of kidnapping and murder, or Xu Guangyao come forward to the rescue, and even her life on the line Dang Zidan. His love for Mu Wan Qing deep as the sea, touching.

The play, Xu Guangyao not only a bit warm male IQ online infatuation, or bit of integrity and selfless gentleman.

Su Pei Marshal and Marshal along with a variety of Tan Xuan Xu Lin of the military governor of the frame framed, Xu Guangyao not only did not participate, but also insist on justice, reducing maintenance truth.

Just because he does not fight do not rush blindly pay, relative to the effort and will lift up play at means of Tan Xuan Lin. He is not the opponent.

Most viewers have praised Chen Xingxu have burst table Yen value, great acting. A few audience Tucao Lin Yanjun not acting.

Lin Yanjun fans speak up: This is Clementine (Lin Yanjun) of the first movie, please a lot of generosity. His acting in progress. He shot "So I love you" on the very good.

Lin Yanjun exam by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. After reading freshman he chose to drop out and return to Taiwan military service. (Father is Taiwanese). After passage through the birth idol exercises.

Chen Xingxu graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. Properly the completed technical education. There are color values ​​are acting.

One is halfway debut, initial foray into film and television. A technical education, how come the Ministry of masterpiece, and achieved good popularity,

So I deliberately went to see Lin Yanjun, Peng Wan's "Originally, I love you."

The show although there is nothing fantastic story, but as an Juanjuan clean and pleasant heart. I am a breath chasing finished.

Lin Yanjun Su read quilt played by blind people.

I have to say, Lin Yanjun blind interpretation or bigger way.

Su read quilt was abandoned in an orphanage and a blind parents. Relying on their own unremitting efforts to become a famous singer songwriters today. Care of the household is no Yan Sang (Wanpeng ornaments) idols, as well as her first sight of the people.

Because the same coach in special schools, more opportunities Sang no hesitation in contact Su read the quilt. He launched a women chasing men of opera.

Come, first served! Women chasing men compartment yarn. Soon, beautiful, cheerful Sang no Yan Su read quilt touched the heart.

Sweet romance of two strongly opposed by Sang mother. Sang father died for this purpose a brain haemorrhage.

The face of love and affection. Mental and physical exhaustion Sang no Yan family chose to go home with their mother.

Inferiority Su read quilt chose to transplant corneas, inherited the family business and became an overbearing president!

High cold Su read quilt will focus on non-Yan Sang's every move. I will listen to her show secretly longing.

Three years! A full three years, the two never meet, but missed.

However, when the Su read quilt that no Yan Sang blind date news could bear. City flying visit Su read quilt lies.

The third blind lawyer Wu Su read quilt very good impression. Expand the advance and retreat of the pursuit mode.

Su read quilt jealous, various dogged the relationship between the two men he killed in the bud before.

Sang no Yan and Wu lawyer for dinner, Su read quilt Sang no Yan forced out bluntly:. "Sang no Yan, you dream, my dead body, in this life or else you'll never be with another man."

"I can not easily fall in love with a person, let alone forget." Then, kissing Sang no Yan.

Haha, this drama too domineering, too soulful, too strong.

I think, if there is Marshal Xu Su read quilt as domineering, strong and tools.

Early in the morning to Tan Xuan Lin besieged, cut off from contact with Tan Xuan Lin and Wan Qing Mu and Mu Wan Qing and launched a strong offensive.

Xu Tan commander Marshal rolling Outrageous very likely!

After all, is too Xu Marshal too warm too honest gentleman, he is destined to love and not right.