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"The singer" Tam Tam

2021-11-26 06:03:58 7 ℃

A "punish wind" is blowing and blowing this year, and the 71-year-old Tan Tan is broke the 23-year-old female fan, and this female fan is my own girlfriend.

Subsequent Alan Tam Studio and Alan Tam I made a response, claiming that this matter is rumored, it does not have authenticity, and will retain the right to investigate their responsibility.

Denny is not equal to no, male netizens quickly drove the so-called evidence and also put the words: I dare to hampt it once. The evidence of the male netizens covered the photos of Alan Tan turtles in the hotel, as well as chat screenshots, this is a real hammer!

Since then, Alan Tam studio and Alan Tam are quiet. After all, the front is given to you, and you still have any good arms. In fact, I know that Alan Tam knows that this is not the first time.

On August 23, 1950, Alan Tam was born in a sports family in Hong Kong, because he likes football from a child. At the university, he listened to the advice from his family to Singapore to study economics.

However, the good scene is not long, and the big three years, he suddenly dyed the bad disease, almost ill beorious, and the mother of Alan immediately took him back Hong Kong to the disease. At this time, there is no Alan Tam, which is a little spiritual, I can't think of it, I will have an unusual relationship with three women.

After the disease, Alan, Tam, no longer want to study, he found a postman's work, get early, sleep late; he just lit, he will make two bags full of letters, one Almost from the streets of Hong Kong Island, the salary is only 220 Hong Kong dollars.

Later, because I couldn't sing, I would like to go to the nightclock in the evening, I quit the job of the postman, change the store to sell stationery. Tan Qilin has a total of two bands, the first one is a loser band in 1968 and Chen You, Peng Jianxin, Ye Zhiqiang, Chen Baixiang, Chen Baizhen.

In 1970, after participating in a music game failed, they got a registration form named the Loosers band. I used this registration form to participate in another game and achieved a champion. At that time, they officially renamed the Loosers band, 1971 "Loose" band disbanded.

In 1973, Alan Tam, Chen You, Peng Jianxin, Ye Zhiqiang formed a Cenka band. Later, under the work of the manager, Zhong Zhen Tao also added it, known as "Wen Na Tiger." This band has been popular after the formation of this band, but even if it is only 5 years. In 1978, the Cenquered band announced that the team members were developed.

Time will go back to 4 years. In 1974, a nightclub in Hong Kong met with Yang Jiewei. Yang Jiewei is originally a cosmetics company's beauty consultant, with the stage image, appearance costumes, etc. have their own unique aesthetic vision, and then learn to dance design, dance beauty, light scheduling, becoming an art planner.

After the two were in love, Yang Jiewei resigned and went to Tan Qilin. Whether it is Alan Tam's concert, or shoot advertisements to make a movie, it is the image design of Yang Jiewei. In 1981, Alan Tam and Yang Jiewei were registered in Las Vegas.

The star always likes to conceal the news that you get married, this is 12 years. In 1993, because Yang Jiewei's father died, the news of the two men wedd out, but At this time, the secret lover of Alan Tam has already appeared.

In 1991, at the fans of Alan Tam, Tan Tan and Zhu Yu Ting, 20 years old, were convinced. Shortly after the coincidence, Zhu Yu Ting became a secret lover of Alan Tam. This is the first time Tam's first time.

And in 1996, Zhu Yu Ting gave a son called Tan Xiaofeng. Even so Zhu Yu Ting has never been to Alan Tam to have a lover. Now think about it, the thoughts are terrible! This is 15 years.

Finally, after the death of Tam Tam, Tam Tam, Tan Tan is preparing to give Zhu Yu Ting a name, which is also open to Zhu Yu Ting's relationship, as well as a son called Tan Xiaofeng.

Alan Tam is really sorry for Yang Jiewei. After Zhu Yuting, he didn't know this in this matter in Zhu Yu Ting. He told Yang Jiewei in this matter. Yang Jiewei is a heart to Buddha. She feels that this thing may be God, and all of this is silently.

Since then, Alan, regardless of the predecessors, they respect the Yang Jiewei, but also give all the property to Yang Jiewei management, two women have never touched it until 2006.

In 2006, Tam Tam had brought Zhu Yu Ting's mother and son, as well as the 90-year-old mother to the Causeway Bay dinner. In fact, it can be seen from all the actions. Zhu Yu Ting has already rejected Yang Jiewei.

Although Yang Jiewei managed most of the property of Alan, only about 3 million yuan, and Tan Qilin's asset conservative estimates have more than 500 million. It is said that Alan Tam will want to transfer the assets to the son.

One is a genuine wife with him with him in his poor period. One is a mistress that I will meet together in the fan. If Zhu Yu Ting gives him a son, it is necessary to have until Zhu Yu Ting is still underground! There is such a wife, not cherishing, but now it seems that everything is so normal, after all, I still sleep than the 48-year-old female fan!

According to the male netizen, the photo of himself said that she was last year. At that time, her girlfriend said to himself to live there for a few days. At that time, the male netizen felt that she was cheated until she had turned her friend.The mobile phone discovered the chat records of those photos and deleted call records.

If this is true, then I really can't imagine how many girls like this and he have the same experience. Of course, I don't think these girls are poor, because they are voluntary, really pitifulIs them boyfriend!This year's "jail wind" is really bigger, the bigger, the end of the year, I don't know what other mega!