Comment on "Criminal Psychology", more and more Asian faces, more and more embarrassing

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Comment on "Criminal Psychology", more and more Asian faces, more and more embarrassing

2021-11-26 06:03:55 9 ℃

"Criminal Minds is the criminal drama drama of CBS, the play in the United States on September 22, 2005, has been broadcast to the fourteenth season.

"Criminal Psychology" tells the story of the behavioral analysts in the United States Federal Investigation Bureau ("Bau"), and they analyze the most difficult cases, analyze the psychological and crime characteristics of the murderer, and in them It is predicted that their next step is predicted before the violence, and assist the local police to catch the murderer.

Although "criminal psychology" is more than just a criminal discussion of people who have a murdereous madness, although this drama has hosted a lot of great views in the past, they also have received many big prizes and big prizes, but it is still difficult. Escalative is not a hundred days of red, the more you look at the reality.

The following just guess.

It is probably to save the ratings, starting from the thirteenth quarter, Mei Han mixed-selling bantaniey, Daniel Phillip Henney, joining the episode and playing the Matt Simmons.

Daniel Henry added as a starring identity, accompanied by a large number of Asian actors played the joining role, from forensic, sheriff to victim and eating melon.

It is not said that there is no Asian actor in the previous plot, but it is only more frequent from the thirteenth season.

This fifteen-year-old old American drama has more Asian face, but I don't know if there will be more Asian audiences.

Joining Asian (especially Chinese) roles, it is clear that the American film and television drama seizures the important means of the Chinese market, and it is not very important because the roles they starring are generally not important.

Just like movie "Diamond", "Transformers", "Mars Rescue", etc.

For example, Zhang Zhen, he played "Yue Doctor" in the "Dunes" in the "Dune" in the near future, but the true pronunciation of the doctor name in the original is not Yuè (Yue) but YU-EH (Yue).

Of course, it is an anti-shady M story, and the director must be because it is too much to civil society, so it makes the choice of Orientalization of the role based on the principle of Xinda Ya.

However, it is a little bit of trouble. This director doesn't seem to know some Chinese audience.

It is not arranged as an Asian side, which will be popular. Some character arrangements can only praise, because there are still many confidence they belong to, and it is extremely sensitive to humiliation.

Another popular American drama "Old Friends", there is no black person in the starring audience criticism, is there a friend with white people?

One of the reasons I have in the university is to hear more international students inside. I hope I can know some international friends after I enrolled school, but I really have to play after I enrolled. Everyone is really difficult to play.

The six old friends in "Old Friends" have no black people, but they respect the reality of the reality. If you add a black old friend to politically or ratings, you will not believe that there will still be a criticized posture is not perfect enough, such as " This is pity. "

Fortunately, the ratings of "old friend" have been good, and it is not made to pay attention to the politics at the time, this has achieved a classic of a laughter and angry.

I remembered a word, "for the new words strongly said", I have feelings about the "criminal psychology" with nearly 10 years, the end of the end, your audience is rushing. The kind of person who is a plot, they don't have CAREs who have their own ethnic actors.