Support Huang Xiaoming for 4 years, she is tens of hundreds of millions of snow 10 years, now relying on acting again

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Support Huang Xiaoming for 4 years, she is tens of hundreds of millions of snow 10 years, now relying on acting again

2021-11-26 06:03:40 10 ℃

This is a wingbird, as long as this bird is mentioned, everyone will guess it is used to describe love.

Huang Xiaoming, Yang Ying, and Qin Yan have any connection between three people. Huang Xiaoming how to surround these two women.

At the beginning, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying's financing and wedding let countless netizens love. This is a pair of natural, and

When Huang Xiaoming and Qin Wei were together, everyone should not be very clear, and Qin Wei is very loved to Huang Xiaoming, and even Huang Xiaoming has a car accident. Qin Hao has always accompanied and takes care of Huang Xiaoming, but two people have broken up. Is it very touched?

Then let's talk about Huang Xiaoming and Qin Wei, go back to their emotional life.

Qin Hao is unfamiliar, and it is early, and the active role of Qin Wei is so bright that everyone is bright. The characters in the screen let everyone have been forcerning. Leave a deep impact, because young, beautiful, people have always been very high. "Guide 3" made her reputation.

At that time, Qin Wei was a little girl who just shot. The sky is not afraid, only the seriousness of work is the pursuit of career. But Qin Wei has emerged in the entertainment industry, with some popularity.

Also this is the arrangement of God, Huang Xiaoming appeared in Qin Yu's life, although there is no famous Huang Xiaoming, but is a loyalty, treating people and courtesy, high handsome, deeply attracting Qin Yan, and Huang Xiaoming is also the same, see young Pretty, lively Qin, also sparkling the spark of love.

The loved heart collides together, romantic music rang for them, the calm water is swayed to dance for them, the fireflies edges are illuminated by them, and the magpies will sing for them. Bless this little couple in happiness. Huang Xiaoming and Qin Wei also let the vast netizens will share their happiness.

The firewood can't press the fire. Huang Xiaoming and Qin Wei live together, live under a roof, boil in a pot, drink the same water, enjoy the warmth of the two people.

Such daily experienced 4 spring and summer autumn and winter, more than a thousand days and nights, everyone grows and matures, and understand each other with each other.

In the past few years, Huang Xiaoming's life may be Huang Xiaoming's catalyst, Qin Wei has a qualitative leap in the deductive career, and Qin, Qin, who is in 20, lightly earns enough. Naturally, income is also quite high.

In these years, Huang Xiaoming has no mention, natural Qin Wei contracted two people's spending, which can be said that this Qin Wei seems to be "baoyang" Huang Xiaoming.

Let me talk about Huang Xiaoming:

Compared with Qin Wei's success, Huang Xiaoming can say that it is no longer. The career has been stagnant, there is nothing improvement, and the last two people bid farewell, and bless each other.

But all netizens feel sorry, Lang Talent women, lovers that love the lovers are so separate.

After the car accident, Qin Wei stayed around

In 2003, Huang Xiaoming took a car accident outdoors. As long as the mother took care of the mother, Huang Xiaoming has broken up with Qin Wei. Qin Lao Li, who is preparing to work after the news, has been waiting for him to Huang Xiaoming, take care of him. From this point, it can be seen that there is a true feeling between Huang Xiaoming and Qin, Qin Wei still loves Huang Xiaoming.

But we don't know the truth reason for Qin Yu and Huang Xiaoming.

Many people's guess may be really a smoke cloud. These are only two people.

The name of Qin Wei suddenly disappeared in front of the public during the peak of life, so that netizens could not touch the clue. Where did Qin Wei have been? Everyone is guessing and looking for each other.

This is 10 years because Qin Yan is "Snow" 10 years. This 10 years has no performances and a play. Suddenly evaporated from the world.

Now Qin Hao will once again, it is no longer a more than 20 years old little girl, and now Qin Hao has more stable, more temperament, more feminine.

The role played in the nearest hot play made her ahead of the screen. With strength, let the audience cheer for her.

Qin Yu's life is also very bumpy, although the cause is very smooth, when you enjoy the love and career double harvest, all this suddenly goes because of her. What pain is in the heart of Qin, Qin, for a woman. The young age will bear how much blow. Maybe this is the road that Qin Wei must go, there is suffering to feel the sweetness of sugar.

Through these years, the efforts and unremitting persistence, Qin Yan rely on his own ability, once again proved its excellent.

No matter who is, as long as it is capable, don't persevere, one day you will see the spotlights to illuminate you.