Wang Yibo and a king of fried work, this time, Liang Chaowei, suits, styling gas field

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Wang Yibo and a king of fried work, this time, Liang Chaowei, suits, styling gas field

2021-11-26 12:03:46 14 ℃

Wang Yibo has been doing very little, and many netizens think that Wang Yibo disappeared. Seeing that this time Wang Yibang is quietly sedate.

He wants to transform from the traffic star to the strength actor, such as the new movie poster that recently Wang Yibo exposed, is a proper handsome man.

Wang Yibo's partner, but Liang Chaowei, when he was young, the Liang Chaui fans fell a large woman, and his acting technology was also a lot of shadow.

Although Wang Yibo is very famous in young actors, there is still a certain distance compared with Liang Chaowei's coffee level.

This time, Wang Yibo played a movie with Liang Chaowei, and believed that the road to the future performance of the performance will be very important.

After the "unknown" released the poster, Wang Yibo's fans bloomed in an instant. The reason was nothing, my brother is really too handsome, and the suit style is completely unsatisfactory, but there is a feeling of practicing men.

In addition, Liang Chaowei is also so handsome.

In fact, the new generation of actors don't have much like Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo is more thin, in order to show this movie, Wang Yibo is more effort to lose weight. Because of the movies in the era of the Republic of China, you have to lose a lot of taste.

No wonder this time Wang Yibo did not come out of marketing, on the one hand, he was in the movie, and on the other hand, it was also desperately rushed forward for his weight loss.

This movie is very good, mainly talking about the old age, for the development of the party organization, has been sending an unknown hero to the organization in the dangerous edge.

I have never been named until these heroes now, and I can't get the respect of respect, and even some intelligence workers have been dispropsed and insults.

Wang Yibo is connected to this challenging role, which is also an unforgettable experience for him. However, Wang Yibo can play with Liang Chaowei, but also to show that he has grown a lot, after all, looking at Liang Chaowei's work, young actors who can play with Liang Chaowei really rarely.

Nowadays, this movie has caused great attention, I believe that Wang Yifo and Liang Chaowei's fans will definitely rush into the cinema for them.