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"Mun's Animal City"

2021-11-26 12:03:23 10 ℃

On November 19, 2021, the author watched the movie "Mun's Animal City", the plot is as follows:

Mangu is a scorpion responsible for the residents to deliver clothes. The old king of the Animal City will be retired because of the aged plan, the fox convince the king to launch an election event. Under the arrangement of the fox, he loves the daydream of the daydream to be a new king. The scorpion makes the residents excited, and the laundry work is not in turn, so that the kingdom can't be confusing, and a crisis is covered with the animal city. For the safety of the Animal City and your dreams, Mang wands on a funny and stimulating adventure.

This is the second Pakistan movie I have, I think this animation is still in the past, and Mangu as a civilian washing industry actually has a king of the Jungle Kingdom. This makes me think of it before. Historian Liu Xi's Spring Garden in the end of Kangxi recorded in his work "Attacking Iron Ride", the first "election" emperor in my country (the title of this chapter is "Chang Chunyuan: Kangxi is This is the first choice for the first time in China. It is actually selected from a few emperors to choose the emperor of the future. Miss Fox Fiana is really a honey belly sword, a sweet heart, like Li Linyi, but has to say that the small group headed by her is also very understandable to control the importance of public opinion. Since the people often see the positive image of Mun in TV. Then they will naturally choose a new king, this is the same routine with Western elections, and it is also a kind of "stroke say". However, this animation is more adult, and the children will be more difficult to understand if there is no relevant knowledge background. Of course, I think that it is necessary to be a qualified leader, first of all, put the right person in the right position, this is this animated church. My things. For the audience who likes cartoons, the author hits 7.5 points.

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