Even if there is no scandal of sleeping fans, Alan Tam is not a self-cultivation.

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Even if there is no scandal of sleeping fans, Alan Tam is not a self-cultivation.

2021-11-26 12:02:37 52 ℃

I can't think of it, the 71-year-old Deyi Shuangxin old artist will be torn one day.

Talk about the melon of Alan Tam.

The day before yesterday, a netizen called "sad beef noodles" broke out.

It is said that there is a German Shuangxin's Hong Kong male singer S powder, and the netizen's girlfriend is together.

When I just exploded, my netizen foggy.

Hong Kong men's artists grab a lot, do not gain a name last name, and there is no shortprint.

After that, the male netizen burst a picture, and the information revealed is more, summed up.

1. The girlfriend is the singer's fan, bought a men's polo shirt and men's perfume last month.

2. Discover the secret of your girlfriend and the singer in the hidden photo.

3. The two have opened the room in Shanghai.

4. A few days ago, my girlfriend has to go to Shanghai, and the singer is also in Shanghai.

Hey, you see, there is a detail.

By the third microblog, there is no selling lawsuit and direct direct name.

It is Alan Tam.

Burst people, he is a taiji, sleeping more than four rounds of fifth round.

The four rounds, that age is very decent.

After all, Tan Qilin is already 71 years old, and his face is beginning to grow old spots. The skin is wrinkled, and it is a grandfather.

However, after breaking, things are still small fermentation.

Because there is no photo, there is no other evidence.

Until yesterday, the material was finally coming.

See a photo ↓


Man, black t-shirt, blue shorts, Shanghai World Expo InterContinental Hotel.

Obviously, there is a little thing in the hands of the brokerage, and it is very understood.

Just after the public opinion began to ferment, the opponent was late, and the Hong Kong Arts production made a statement.


You also know that since all, the statement has not been used.

Moreover, the break is the more and more brave, the other party declares him more and more, and the hammer is hammered.

Chat record ↓

Hotel photo ↓

I have a lot of photos.

The sponsors said that the photo of the hotel was in December last year, what is Tam Tam?

In the event of Mr. Fashion, the place is Shanghai.

Ingenious, Alan Tam also sunned the hotel room.

Look at this mural and curtains.

Contrast, the murals and curtains in the figure.

Is it an amazing?

Search, the decoration style is indeed a Shanghai World Expo InterContinental Hotel.

Moreover, Alan Tam really likes a photo of the hotel.

Working on October 1, last year, I also sent a hotel photo.

Look at the picture

Then compare the explosion map.

Black t, tight shorts, white socks, black shoes, back, glasses, wearing styles are very similar.

Alan Tam also often wears this pair of shoes.

This is quite interesting.

Now that Tam's Weibo is under Weibo, netizens don't trust him.

The fan called him to alarm.

There is also a strong heart.

More amazing is a wave of people, remembering the gossip of the ancient morning, let this melon have a wonderful breath.

Don't look at Alan Tam is 70 years old, talk about his past gossip, don't lose the new fresh meat at all.

Alan Tam is a typical old Hong Kong artist, the shadow and the song are blooming, and it is very red that year.

He was born in 50 years, calculated on the super old artist in Hong Kong.

At the end of the 1960s, members of the Loosers band, which were renamed as the Cenquered band, the members were Tam Tam, Zhong Zhentao, Peng Jianxin, Ye Zhiqiang, Chen You.

When Alan Tam when you are young, it is handsome, very Hong Kong men's taste.

After a few years of team, it was a film and television drama.

At the age of 31, with "if I am really", I will take the Golden Majesty.

31 years old, only in 1981.

At that time, Liu Dehua has just entered the wireless, Guo Fucheng has not yet in the dance training class, four big kings have not said, and Tan Qilin has sang and acts, enters the "Three Kings".

"Three Kings" refers to the four halls of Hong Kong music scenes in the 1980s.

Three Kings: Alan Tam, Zhang Guorong, Chen Baqiang, one after: Mei Yanfang.

At that time, there were no two winds, basically monopolized the Hong Kong music scenes of music awards, and promoted Hong Kong's popular music entered the full and brilliant period.

Some photos, today, it seems particularly precious.

There is a biography, at that time, half of Hong Kong gods gave a heart in Zhang Guo, half wanted to marry Tan Qilin.

Zhang Guoyong said that he was too fierce with the fans of Alan Tam. It is conceivable that they are now on top of them.

Unfortunately, "Three Kings" Life has a life.

Chen Baqiang died because of the gradual brain failure, Zhang Guorong jumped to the building, and Mei Yanfang died because of cancer, only Alan Tam.

From the career, Alan Tam is definitely the temple, although it is confident, but it is also a predecessor in the circle, but from the gossip, it is very difficult.

A Tan Tan's wife called Yang Jiewei.

It used to be a cosmetics company's beauty consultant. Later, he learned dance design, dance beauty, light scheduling, etc., became an art planner.

In 1974, she and Alan Tam acquired a nightclub. After in love, the woman resigned and concentrated on Tam. Alan Tam opened the concert, filming the record, even the movie, is the image design of Yang Jiewei.

Love for 7 years, 1981, two people registered in Las Vegas married.

It is a rising period of Alan Tam when marriage, so the two is a hidden marriage state and not announced. Until 1993, Yang Jiewei was loses his father.

So, the two feelings are quite good? From 1974 to 1993, accompanied by 20 years, At that time, Tan Tan is 43 years old.

But actually, not this, they have no children.

As for the reason for no children, no one knows.

Or the woman misses the best birth age, or the couple chooses Dink, and there are such reasons.

But I didn't expect it that Alan Tam and the original born, and others were born.

Zhu Yu Ting.

Zhu Yuting is 20 years old than Alan Tam, is a fan of Alan Tam.

There is a biography, the two have met in the fans of Alan Tam in 1991, then wiped the spark of love. Talk phone, slowly feel it.

Alan Tam said, just knew Zhu Yu Ting, I feel that she will have a little bit of her child, but she is kind, understanding, and his good assistant. I have never required the name, making A Tan Tan more apologizes.

In 1996, Zhu Yuting son Tan Xiaofeng for Tam Tam.

Almost I want to see, the originality knows that Alan Tam has a lot of blows after a lover and son.

We said that it is almost in the old, but you have quietly have treasures outside.

More exaggerated is that in 2006, when Tan Tan, the father was dying, Tan Tan was given Zhu Yu Ting and illegitimate child Tan Xiaofeng name, publicly admitted that there were two milk and illegitimate sons.

As for why this is caused?

Because his wife can't live.

Alan Tam said, I hope to leave the future generation to my father, and Yang Jiewei can't give him what he needs.

Are you looking at it?

Originally accompanying him, from one place to become a top star, know each other in love for more than 20 years, the woman has become a middle-aged woman, and it has already passed the best birth year in 40 years. He ran out that the woman did not give him. .

I know that you want your child, isn't you late?

But the most disgusting place in this matter is not here. After Alan Tam has a departure and his son, it did not divorce.

He promised Yang Jiewei, will not let Zhu Yu Ting have entered the door and call Yang Jiewei as a wife in the press conference. Zhu Yu Ting is confidant.

It seems that it is still a good man, takes care of the original match, actually continues to hurt.

How can this be willing to be willing to do outdoors, really do not seek a name, only to do a confidant lover.

Later, Zhu Yu Ting was more and more positions in Tan, and the reporter many times took A Tan Tan Tan Tan Tan Tang, with a mother of the 90-year-old, three or the three generations.

What is the original Yang Jiewei?

Slowly, look at the light and red dust, cut into the empty door.

In 2011, Alan Tam took the name of the 61-year-old birthday banquet, and the tears said that he did something wrong, there was anything to come to him, don't be difficult for two women, they all suffer.

This is really a crocodile tears, hypocritical.

Yu Yuan is ready to make new joy, not fresh, and we have also seen many times. This old pot is an angry point lies in that Alan Tam has been a life, youth love, middle-aged marriage, marriage ten years derailed, in turn, I can't pass the protector.

Holding a "good heart", give the original position and decent, actually lock the original lock in the cage, no new life.

How long is a person in a life, just in this man, it is not worth it.

However, about Alan Tam's new melon, there is currently no new evidence, and the photos are deleted, saying that I don't want to occupy public resources, and the appeal is quite strange. It's true and false, fake vacation is really true, it is estimated that there will be a result.