Domestic draft filter is too outrageous!The face is green, the chin neck is connected, Yang Zi's tears disappeared directly!

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Domestic draft filter is too outrageous!The face is green, the chin neck is connected, Yang Zi's tears disappeared directly!

2021-11-26 12:03:35 58 ℃

In the autumn and winter season, the communication investment began, major TV stations and major network platforms have announced new drama lineups, including posters and trailers, and began to pay to "Golden Lord DAD", to "audience master".

Heat, netizen gave it. Everyone just looked around, but they were discouraged by the legendary latefrangular post filter. People just want to ask: "When is the messy filter to be eliminated!"

So here, I briefly collect the most typical two-protected filters on the market. What is "too thick, I can't get it, it's too dark, I can't open the light." Has a good feeling. I hope that the producer of the next drama will feel the voice of netizens, adjust as soon as possible, don't let the golden daddy's money drifting.

"Snow in the snow"

This fantasy martial arts drama of Zhang Ruozhen, Hu Jun, starring, since the start of shooting, everyone expects it to be large to "Qing Yu Ye", becoming a masterpiece of male frequency novels.

Now the trailer is coming out, the quality can not say it just like "Qing Yu Ye". The same filter is inherited, and it has been "exposed to the light" and "green" a new step.

Netizens are too lazy. Cut the original preview map to compare it. Look at this effect, I know that the original filter has more leaving, and it is green.

Netizens also give extreme descriptions, saying that similar color filters are "duck green", it is not very suitable.


I don't know why every man has to bring the style of the green filter to the playback. The platform is definitely not added to this pot.

After all, "Surge" and "Snow in the snow" belong to two platforms, but the filter is "duck green".

E07EF? from = PC ">, but not only the filter is" green ", the background is also" green ", a child is a gentle-green Chen Kun hide in a green plant, and it is a championship that can't see the face. middle.

The daylight, the daylight, the daylight, the daylight, projected from the window frame, is green ... you! The green filter is not a burst password. If you don't have this, you are not as good as the "琊".

"When home mother"

Of course, if the disconnection is copied, it has to be positive. In the early years, he is the leader of the Abboy. After the "Yanbu Raiders", he is the number one fan of "Duck Green", and the new drama "When the mother" is perfectly explained.

Even if I am not familiar with the netizens of the episode, I can feel the links, some extent, this is also the positive success.

It's just that there is no matter what you do, maybe in conjunction with the "home mother" environment atmosphere, in the positive filter to another extreme, it is no longer called the thickness, saying that the netizen said, can only be called "dead".

Empty mirrors, set, lens, etc.

In order to prevent all the emotions from getting lower and lower, let's see the big soft light of the big open! Come feel good, what is white to shine bright to blur.

"love at first sight"

This is a sweet pet drama by Chen Xingxu, Zhang Wei, starring Chen Xingxu, who once again attracted a fan, one by one, I look forward to watching handsome guys, talking about falling in love, the result is to let go of a direct big turn, netizens finished Call your eyes should be astigized.

The high saturation color is equipped with strength grinding, male and female master seconds to change Thai style, and the earth is swollen, the woman's chin and the neck are directly connected, and the eyebrows are gone.

"沉 香 如"

In fact, the high paste filter is more than the audience, as well as actor, the face can not see, how can I feel the actor's acting? Just like "Shen Xiangru", Yang Ziqi, the tears, then a large tear is alive, and finally leaving the poor Baba, the tears, the tears disappear, I don't know how Yang Zi is in That "light thunder is not rain"!

Including the whipging whippes that have been blurred, it is obvious that the super filter is hopped in this, and it is an actor who has been in the wear of the inferior shape. Rational?

In the discussion of TV drama filter, the words that netizens repeatedly mentioned "like plastic people", "suspended", "not grounding", "people play".

The meaning of everyone is very clear, just hope to see some real things in today's TV series, do not let the actors and the star are always behind the filter.

In addition, it is also hoped that the drama and even the star can realize that the more perfect package is, but the more easily exposed, it is better to show the advantage, and netizens are not "picking bones in eggs!"