Tan Tan "sleep powder" turns?These old artists are not guaranteed by the evening, why is it a joke?

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Tan Tan "sleep powder" turns?These old artists are not guaranteed by the evening, why is it a joke?

2021-11-26 12:04:58 7 ℃

Who can think of the "principal" Alan Tam, who has always lowered, will also turn over 2021?

Because a netizen broke the news, Alan Tam fell into the "sleep powder" controversy, the other party not only wrote the process of Tam Tam and the 23-year-old female fan private, but also took the photo of the suspected Alan Tam at the hotel.

In response to the barb on the netizen, Alan Tam has issued a statement before, and there is a simple explanation of this matter.

But how often, how often, before we really end, we can't do conjecture.

However, when I saw that Tam Tam was in the vortex, it would besed that these "old artists", the number of times the car is really more and more, including Alan Tam, is not the first time I was discussed. .

First, Alan Tam

Tan Tan was born in an ordinary family in Hong Kong on August 23, 1950. Father is a military person before, and after returning to the football player, this also loves the football from urinating.

Alan Tam is the only child in the family. It is not good to learn, but there is an outstanding music talent. Therefore, he did not graduate, and he ran to the nightclub to start singing.

During the university, Alan Tam had a band called Loosers, but finally ended from failure. Until 1973, the 23-year-old Alan Tam and Chen You, Peng Jianxin, and Ye Zhiqiang formed a Cenka band.

Subsequently, the broker then combined with Zhong Zhentao to join, the famous "Wen Na Tiger" was born.

At this time, Alan Tam's career is like a thousand miles like a fire, even after the Wenzhu five tiger is dissolved, Alan Tam's personal name has never impact.

Especially in the 1980s, Alan Tam not only took all the music awards, but also was sealed as "principal", and Zhang Guorong opened the "Tan Zhang hegemony" era, or later Alan Tam took the initiative to take out the song, no one, no one I don't know if his brilliance will continue until now.

As for the love history of Alan, it is indeed because of his music, it is too shining.

As early as the second year of entering the entertainment circle, Alan Tam walked together with the outside of the outside, after, Sally gave up the beauty cause, concentrate on the scenes to help Tan Qilin record, hand concert, etc.

Because of the image, even in 1981, it was privately registered, until 1993, Soli father died, and the couple had "谭 咏咏", this relationship is open.

Moreover, in order to Tam Tam, Sally has repeatedly tires so that the body is unable to reproduce, which also proves how much Sally is the payment of Alan Tam.

But even so, Alan has never been a bit half of the wife. In 1991, Tan Tan and the 22-year-old fans Zhu Yu Ting came together. In 1996, the female produced her son Tan Xiaofeng.

For the rhyme of Alan, Sally has been tolerant. I didn't expect that Alan Tam became more and more rampant, not only started with Zhu Yu Ting, but also transferred 500 billion assets to the illegitimate child.

Later, Sali finally saw the red dust under the sadness, and the choice to move to Zhilian, the net Yuanji, and the shaving was shaved.

However, the misery of the hairdressing wife, A Tam is getting faster and faster, after the death of the father in 2006, Alan Tam opened the existence of Zhu Yongting and his son Tan Xiaofeng.

In 2011, Tan Julin borrowed the name of the 61-year-old birthday banquet, and the woman also took over the billion house of Alan Tam with "Tan Tai".

Since then, Alan Tam also faded up the entertainment circle, occasionally coming out, what is the show, long time, his brilliant love history is rarely mentioned.

But the same, just like this Alan Tam is exposed to "sleep powder", even if the public has gradually been forgotten, he has decided that he will not stop.

Second, Zhu Shimao

Zhu Shimao was born in Yantai, Shandong, was born in Shandong Yantai.

In that era, Zhu Shimao, a large eyebrow, is a typical handsome guy, plus 176cm height, the temperament is called a top.

It also benefits from the shape, and Zhu Shimao enters the forces to get the opportunity to show movies.

Especially in 1977, the "Wrangler" released in 1982, Zhu Shimao became a generation of people's dreams with Xu Ling.

Zhu Shimao, who was returned, was transferred to the Bayi Technical Factory. It was here. Zhu Shimao met Chen Pez, two people received one, in the spring evening of 1984, with the "eat noodles" truly a family-known comed star.

Since then, Zhu Shimao has become "gold partner". Every year, he participated in the Spring Festival Evening. He is full of attention, and the two works include "film", "lamb skewers", "protagonist and supporting" "Police and thief", etc. It is still a classic classic now.

Unfortunately, because of the CCTV's lawsuit, after cooperation with the "Wang Ye and Postman" in 1998, Zhu Shimao and Chen Pis bid farewell to the Spring Festival Evening stage. After many years, it is very publicly exposed.

In terms of emotional, Zhu Shimao married Fan Xu Xia, who was in 1980 and the troops Fan Xu Xia, and the husband and wife transferred into the Bayi factory, and his son, Zhu Qingyang in 1992.

It is worth mentioning that because the son has asthma, since 1999, Zhu Shimao sent the mother and son to the United States, until 2007, Zhu Shimao took the body and his wife and his wife back the country, then, Zhu Shimao transformed into the country. When the director, he also has high-profile high-profile high-profile. However, this thought that Zhu Shimao is a happy and loved, I didn't expect that when Zhu Tuanmao guided the movie "quit smoking and no drink" in 2010, Wang Siyi kissed his actress, triggered a hot discussion.

Although Zhu Shimao said it was just a ritual kiss, but only two years later, Zhu Shimao was taken from the picture with actress Du Minglei in the land kiss.

In 2017, Zhu Shimao was then taught with young women in the car, but also a suspected appearance kiss!

For this matter, Zhu Shimao is still quite hard. He directly sides of the relevant media, and directly displays some media. If there is no middle birth, it doesn't care, even if you can't hesitate to die, and even Zhu Shimo is also in the words, this loss of others Work attitude, when to persist!

However ... in 2019, Zhu Shimao was once again taken with a mysterious woman who kissed after a meal.

However, although Zhu Shimao was taken, his marital status was there has not been issued, and now the 67-year-old Zhu Shimo is still a low-key, occasionally a play on the show.

I also hope that the old artist can still contribute to the future, not this unclear gorgeous.

Third, Zhang Tielin

Zhang Tielin was born in Tangshan, Hebei, which is growing in Xi'an in 1957. After going to the countryside, he went back to Xi'an to unload the unloading.

In 1978, Zhang Tielin, 21-year-old, admitted to the Beijing Film Academy Performance Department. After graduation, it was successfully distributed to Tianjin Radio and Television Art Troupe.

During this period, Zhang Tielin also participated in many film and television dramas, such as "the whole curtain listening to the governance" "bridge below".

At the age of 30, Zhang Tielin decided to study in the UK. After 4 years and a half of the British, he will take a documentary in the Midway and a documentary for the BBC.

Until the 1990s, Zhang Tielin has joined Xu Ke studio to Hong Kong, and the "Huang Feihong" series, "Xianhe Then Needle" and other movies.

Start in 1996, Zhang Tielin entered the development of the mainland entertainment circle and became popular in the corner of "Huang Ama" in "Huang Jiama" in Pearl.

After that, Zhang Tielin took the "iron tooth copper tooth Ji Xiaolan" series and "Eternal Tao Dragon Ji" and other TV series, which really fought all over the north of China.

From the actor level, Zhang Tielin, from the art for more than 40 years, is indeed a "old artist", but Zhang Tielin has always waved, and he is also a rich history.

As early as Zhang Tielin to the British study in 1987, he married a Polish woman, and then the daughter was produced, but it finally caused two people because Zhang Tielin returned to China.

In 1997, Zhang Tielin, who took the Octade of the Mainland, said Hou Junjie in love with a small 17-year-old female college student, and the woman still born a daughter two years later, but in 2000, Zhang Tielin and actress Wang Yaqi love, Hou Junjie officially opened.

In 2002, Zhang Tielin, 45, I met a 21-year-old girl named Yan Xiaomin, and the two were also in love, but they had a son, but the child was one year old, because of the feelings of the same feelings.

Originally, these love history are also in the past. No one is exposed, but in 2015, because Zhang Tielin refused to sign the private woman abroad to study, Hou Junjie resorted to the court.

Subsequently, Yan Xiaomin didn't see the son. He also made Zhang Tielin with the court. At the same time, Yan Xiaomin also revealed that Zhang Tielin was robbed to his son with others in 2009, and he suddenly came into a car accident. ....

Despite the death of Zhang Ten Min, I can't prove that Zhang Tielin is related, but I don't care about the son, Zhang Tielin is not clean, and these things are also aware of people, so that Zhang Tielin has to low-key response.

Today, the 64-year-old Zhang Tilin will settle abroad all the year. Occasionally returns to the country to participate in the show or gather with Wang Gang, Zhang Guili, etc.

Fourth, Hou Yaohua

Hou Yaohua was born in Beijing in 1946, his father is a famous comic teacher Hou Baolin. Brother Hou Yao is an actor. The brother Hou Yaowen has also become a master.

Affected by the father, Hou Yaohua hopes to be an intercouched actor from urban, and he often performs cross-sound works at school.

But because the father does not support, Hou Yaao can only be a worker in 22 years old. It is until 1982 that Hou Yaohua entered the film and television circle. .

In the 1990s, Hou Yaohua also tried to play some small character roles, but compared to father and your brother, his talent is clearly limited.

Comparing literary works, Hou Yaohua is obviously more in controversial, especially after the death of brothers in 2007, the heritage has fallen to Hou Yahua, so that the external dispute is constantly constantly.

In 2009, the younger brother Hou Yaowen passed two years later, the prostitute gave Hou Yaohua to court, accused Hou Yaohua invaded his father's legacy, and this matter also caused a small sensation. Later, he and Guo Degang broke because it was caused.

Moreover, in addition to this, Hou Yaohua gradually endorsed some three no ads, from supplements to food, etc., Hou Yaohua repeatedly consumed his own name, so many netizens. In addition, Hou Yahua is a well-known cross talk, and it is also very convinced in 2017, it is very convinced. Hou Yaohua bought her bag.

Although the subsequent netizens gave Hou Yaaohua sent a false package, the two people's so-called mentor relations, under all kinds of intimacy, obviously there is a big doorway, especially after, Anna Jin, suddenly, a person is "slag "Many", it was also guess to refer to Ha Yaohua.

Moreover, in addition to Annajin, Hou Yaohua said that he would like to accept the audio actor He Yunwei as a person. To know, He Yunwei once is Guo Degang's disciple, and Guo Degang is also the disciple of Hou Yaohua's brother Hou Yaowen, so that the generation is completely messy.

Simply, as an artist, Hou Yahua's place is completely related to art, it is no wonder that Hou Yaohua's reputation is not good.

Today, the 74-year-old Hou Yahua is still active in all major social circles. Where is the money he went? In these two days, there is also a news that Hou Yaohua launched a blessing video customization service, and the price of 3,000 blessings is also exhausted.

Five, Du Zhi

Du Zhi was born in Xingtai, Hebei, 16 years old, Du Zhi, admitted to Tianjin Guardian Wenyong Tuan, first and dance, and transferred to the drama team after a period of time.

In 1985, the 41-year-old Du Zhi made a war film "Ding Yunjun" officially entered the entertainment circle, and it has been active in the film and television circle.

In 1997, Du Zhigo starred in the historical drama "Yongzheng Dynasty", with the "Year of the Year" is well known by the audience, in 2001, Du Zhigo has once again attracted attention with the costumes of the world.

In the years, Du Zhi's most played general, military officer and other tough guys, each character is a thousand people, and the acting has also reached the point of fire.

As an old play bone in the years, Du Zhi has experienced a total of three marriages, and the first wife Yang Li and Du Zhi Guo know about it.

At that time, the 25-year-old Du Zhi is a poor boy. The two love is warm. It is a long time to get married, then renew the son Du Fu, but because of the age, when Du Fu is 12 years old, the husband and wife The two are divorced.

In 2002, Du Zhigo introduced the actor Zhao Na with a friend. After two years, I registered it, but because I gathered more, I didn't like this stepmother, and the two eventually divided hands.

After the exterior of Zhao Na, the outside world didn't know when, Du Zhi, came to Zheng Weili with a small 12-year-old female actor, and the third marriage Du Zhi has concealed for a long time until later participating in the show, he was highly debut with Zheng Weili.

Over the years, Du Zhi and Zheng Weili's husband and wife have been low-key. In many people's eyes, it is also a rare couple, but this is all in 2017. Crisis.

At that time, there was a woman broke the news on the Internet. "I was taken by Du Zhiguo, and pregnant, just because of accidents, the child was aborted."

Subsequent, the woman also published a lot of hot discussion on chat records with Du Zhi and suspected Du Zhi.

However, with the heat of this, plus Du Zhigo has been denied, and it will not naturally.

Today, 67-year-old Du Zhigo compared to many years, the work decreased a lot, he seems to have also intentionally reduced the exposure because of the wind wave, although the time, many things can't take the truth, but Du Zhigo fell a word of mouth, After all, it will not go back.

Sixth, Huang Jianzhong

As a director, the public may understand much about Huang Jian.

However, since 1982 began to direct movies, Huang Jianzhong's qualifications were self-evident, especially his work, I believe everyone has seen.

In 1990, Huang Jianzhong directed the "Year of the Dragon", this film starred by Zhang Fengyi, Wu Yujuan, Lu Liping and others, won the fourteenth Volkswagen Movie Baihua Award Best Story Wraps.

In 1991, Huang Jianzhong directed the "New Year" in Huang Jianzhong, won the best story film for the 15th Volkswagen Film Baihua Award, in 1998, filming the "Red Niang", won the best story of the 22nd Volkswagen Baihua Award.

In addition, Huang Jianzhong also directed the TV drama "The Cell" of the TV series "Da Qin Empire" in 2009, but also won the 25th China TV Golden Eagle Award, but also won the word of mouth of most viewers.

As a director, Huang Jian is always very low in the circle, but no one thought that at the end of 2003, Zhang Wei suddenly broke the news from the media in Huang Jian in Hu Xia Xia, and there was a tape test. .

Subsequent, this matter has caused an uproar in the entertainment industry, under the influence of public opinion, Huang Jian has to respond, but for the female party's allegations, Huang Jianzhong denied.

Huang Jianzhong admitted that he did eaten with Zhang Wei that day, but he claimed to drink two bottles of beer, he was confused, and he didn't remember what happened afterwards.

In fact, in a sense, Huang Jianzhong's response already has a sign of Lake, but as this is a gradual decline, when the parties, Zhang Wei, Song Zand, has suddenly disappeared, and it will be natural.

However, from so many examples, there are many "old artists" in the entertainment industry, but what is the relationship between men and women, always all kinds of turning cars, the degree of force is more enough to shock down the chin.Nowaday, people always say that young artists must learn to learn to learn in the entertainment circle, but they say it, maybe it is a young person, after all, compare, these "old artists", reverse examplesWoolen cloth.