China shadow history!"Changjin Lake" box office super "Wolf 2", the people's daily newspaper

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China shadow history!"Changjin Lake" box office super "Wolf 2", the people's daily newspaper

2021-11-26 12:04:50 21 ℃

On November 24th, the movie "Changjin Lake" was released for 56 days, and broke the book office record of the first "Wolf 2" of the Chinese New Year's Box Office, creating a new high. And this news also got the strength of the mainstream authority media. On November 25th, the People's Daily sent a smell in the social account, and praised the "Changjin Lake" "expecting the peak of China's movie."

According to the data, "Changjin Lake" has been released, and more than 30 Chinese studies have been refreshed. Up to now, the cumulative box office of the movie exceeds 5.695 billion, and every minute is pulled in a box office gap between the second "Wolf 2".

Although it is said that it has been released for two months, the heat of "Changjin Lake" on the network is gradually declining, but the film is still stable in the billboard. Not only occupies the second position of the Japanese ticket list, but also to break through 4.1% of the upper seating rate, and use the non-advantageous drainage to the ultimate.

According to the current trend, "Changjin Lake" is likely to be the largest black horse in China's mobile phone in recent years, and it is expected to break through the 6 billion box office mark and become an important milestone representative of China's film.

Wu Jingcheng's big winner, "Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge" is in preparation

This battle in "Changjin Lake" in the history of China's shadow can be said to be a vigorous, not only relaxed the Spring Festival "Hello, Li Huanying", will also maintain the highest record of China's mobile phone box office nearly 4 years "Wolf 2 "It will become your own hand.

The success of "Changjin Lake", let the product, the production side earned, and the signature of Chen Kaige, Lin Chaoxian, Xu Ke et al. Also allowed the participating actors to be recognized. But to say "Changjin Lake", the biggest winner behind him, but also a starring Wu Jing.

According to the data, Wu Jing's accumulated box office has exceeded 24.4 billion, and the second name of the superior is nearly 3 billion. According to the box office achievements of the usual comedy, Shen Teng may still need 2 successful comedy movies to catch Wu Jing. And Wu Jing also has several ancestors in his hand, such as "Wolf 3", "Wandering Earth 2" and "Water Bridge of Changjin Lake".

It is reported that "Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge" has basically completed shooting in the beginning of this year, etc. This also shows that "Changjin Lake Water Bridge" did not have a viewer's imagination. Speaking that movies can meet with the audience in 2022.

These movies have proved that Wu Jing's box office is still a road of Kangzhuang, and several works may once again break through the "Changjin Lake".

All in all, in the top five of China's shadow history box office list, there are three movies starring Wu Jing, and his position in China's leadership of China has not been shaken.

"Wolf 2" posted a poster to celebrate, domestic movies are getting better and better

In fact, the people who have the heart should find that although the Hollywood movie in China's film market has been in the Chinese movie market, it is not as good as before. "007:" 007: "007:" 007:

The key is that all Hollywood movies online this year, "007: ignorant to death" is already a performance. The introduction of overseas film is no longer the main force of the domestic film market, but more domestic film performance is excellent, from the story of the drama to the production level, makes the fans are happy.

"Changjin Lake" broke the record of "Wolf 2", "Wolf 2" will soon send Shanghai News, and this behavior reflects the good environment of domestic film competition.

Of course, the poster wishes such a behavior that is not the first time in the circle, it seems that it has become the rules of domestic movies, "Hello, Li Huanying" is also a black horse, but also received from "Wandering Earth", "which Congratulations on children's death. Have to say, such a movie environment is absolutely quite gratifying in the audience.

Without malignancy, only mutual learning, respect each other, this should be a creative atmosphere of Chinese movies.

Of course, we must also recognize that domestic movies still have a gap in industrial technology and the world's leading level. Especially the industrial blockbuster, we also need to speed up the footsteps and grow as soon as possible. However, the fans don't have to be self-purged, because Chinese movies have already had a leaping progress in a short period of time.

All in all, "Changjin Lake" is indeed a big picture of the most beautiful box office, but it will eventually become history and become the goal of other domestic movies. In addition to hope that "Changjin Lake" has achieved better results when official collection, the audience is also very expected to be officially launched by the movie "Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake".

Finally, I wish the "Changjin Lake" will not be expected, and it will be broadcast soon. Domestic film can be forwarded, walking, and will further broaden the influence of cultural output while bringing better works to Chinese viewers.