Zhang Jiahui's daughter is exposed, and the five senses are clear, and the height has been tight with my mother?

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Zhang Jiahui's daughter is exposed, and the five senses are clear, and the height has been tight with my mother?

2021-11-27 18:08:01 32 ℃

On the 22nd, there is a media to explode, and Guan Yu Po is appeared in a home mall.

On the same day, the mother and child were two-generation face, and the 56-year-old Guan Yue face did not see wrinkles, and the daughter couldn't see it at all.

I have already got a child's body, and I haven't changed it, even the waist, and the waist is very young.

The photo is in a black T-shirt, and the underground is matched with a light brief, because the weather is not very good, she also matches a white sports long hoodie.

The daughter next to him is wearing a gray hoodie. It is a black tights.

The two have been together, and now the 14-year-old daughter has been tall with her mother. The mother's height is not low. I believe that after two years, she will become higher.

Their mother and son are very casual, and when they look at it, I just bought a little dish.

It may be that the daughter sees the camera, so after purchasing the ingredients, she covered her face quickly left.

In another photo, we can see that Guan Yuhe is buying things, and Zhang Tong is waiting for peace and quiet.

It may be often taken from a child, so she is sensitive to the lens.

Soon, I felt that someone was shooting next to it. She immediately faced the camera, her hands crossed on the chest, a cold look.

The female is 18.

This sentence is to describe Zhang Tong, there is no mistake at all, now she is completely like two people with a child, changing a lot.

Originally with my mother is very similar, now I can't see the shadow of my mother, and the whole eyebrow is like Zhang Jiahui.

Especially her mouth is simply the same as the father in a mold.

Their mother and child are very low in buying things, and people can't see the star shelf.

This is not allowed to remember, Zhang Jiahui has wore a pair of words slippers to go out.

56-year-old Zhang Jiahui, because it is very casual in normal life, how often is it casual?

Once, Zhang Jiahui was exploded by the media. He wore a pure white T-shirt, and the lower body was mixed with a 5-point light coffee colored big shorts, and he stepped on a pair of words slippers on your feet.

In the photo, he drove a million luxury car.

Zhang Jiahui, who is very billion, does not have the same value to other people, and will buy hundreds of thousands of luxury cars, but will take the car as a tool.

Zhang Jiahui is very influential in Hong Kong. I thought he would like a lot of traffic stars, and it will attract many people.

But he is different. When you shoot his photos, he is very comfortable, it can't see the star aura.

He is very low-key in life, rarely meets his figure, work is work, life is life, he will separate these two, so that you can disturb each other.

Sure enough, people don't show off, because their money is earning yourself, and they are profound, and the improvement of matter is not true.

Only constantly improving yourself, enriches your heart, you have a huge wealth.

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