The 30-year-old actress was self-exposed!Dieting is a problem, and even drinking water.

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The 30-year-old actress was self-exposed!Dieting is a problem, and even drinking water.

2021-11-28 00:06:52 42 ℃

On November 27th, the 30-year-old stars were updated on social platform, and they said: "Thank you, Li Meng's interpretation, sharing some of your own experience."

In Chang Wen, the nervanic position has been exposed to her life, mainly because of the psychological pressure, I don't know how to solve problems, it seems that only alien fell can relieve the anxiety.

As the saying goes: "The upper mirror is fat ten pounds", the premium of the female star is more stringent than ordinary people. After the oastfast, the body is sampled, and it can only be quickly slim down by dieting, vomiting, etc., seriously hurt physical and mental health, forming a vicious circle.

On the other hand, the pleasant sei is dependent on the pleasure, on the other hand, with the pain of weight loss. This entangled mentality makes her emotional collapse, do not dare to eat normally, even drinking a water feels incomparable evil.

In the dim, it is said that he is unwritten by the peers, and is suspected to be pregnant, because the body changes misses a lot of opportunities, everything is particularly poor.

But in the end, she finally realized that her psychology had problems, actively treating ephestria, and strive to adjust the diet structure, change their mindset, and slowly better.

In fact, the resources in the early years of Hikan have been very good. She has starred with Hu Ge, Wan Wei, starring "hunting", playing the first love girlfriend of the actress in the play, and the pure and beautiful, giving the audience a profound impression.

Although she has been insisting on the play, she is always a state in which the business is not hot.

Recently, Jiwei Zi and Yang Zi, Jing Bairan and others cooperated with "female psychologists", and popularity gradually recovers.

In addition to 姿, another actress in the circle - Li Meng also exposed her life, causing netizens.

On November 26, Li Mun was a sorrow of the sorrow of patients with eating. She can actually be able to eat, but the inner appetite is depressed too long. I don't understand what the meanings of food and weight loss. I will fall into confused, I can only fill the inner emptiness. .

Finally, Li Meng called for everyone to cherish the body and strive to adjust his emotions, do not enter the strange circle of overeating.

Many stars such as Yin Zheng, Xie Kezhen and others, have forwarded Li Meng's dynamics and warm heart comfort patients.

The 29-year-old Li Meng has starred in the "White Deer" "Goodbye Wang Baichuan" and other hot broadcast dramas, and the cause of career is particularly smooth.

Li Den played a young woman in "Female Psychologist", because his mother turned too strong, and she started overeating, suffering from serious psychological disease.

In the star of the dynamics of Li Meng, Yin Zheng is also born by the outside world.

Previously, he was seriously temperament after severely blessing, and he seriously affected his career. Later, Yin Zheng was slimming successfully by eating low card food, insisting on exercise.

However, after excessive weight loss, Yin Zheng faces a series of problems such as hair loss and skin relaxation.

Yin Zheng does not dare to eat high-calorie food, and it is hesitant to face a small burger.

In fact, everyone is the most important thing for every person, physical and mental health is the most important. I hope that the hustlers, Li Mun, Yin Zheng and others can actively face life, do not excessively die or overeating can maintain a good condition.

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