Yang Mi "Middle-aged Fu", unicorn arm with water, is this "happiness fertilizer"?

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Yang Mi "Middle-aged Fu", unicorn arm with water, is this "happiness fertilizer"?

2021-11-28 00:04:40 37 ℃

Yang Mi "Middle-aged Fu", unicorn arm with water, is this "happiness fertilizer"?

Since Yang Mi and Wei Daxun suspected that after being exposed, both sides seem to have a lot of low-key, Yang Mi is more in the work. However, there is also the weight of Yang Mi, and have to say that Yang Mi is very serious, and even being questioned is "Middle-aged Fu"? The combination of the unicorn arm plus the waist will be shocked by the audience, and it is also incredible.

Yang Mi's body is slim, and now she is more like a standard "soil", and many netizens think that Yang Mifu may be due to Taixun, that is, the so-called "happy fertile". However, Yang Mi and Wei Daxun's things are too late to say, so it is not "happy fertilizer", and the only thing that can be determined is: Yang Mi is really fat.

Perhaps it is too greedy reason, and Yang Mi is fat at home. In fact, whenever I have holiday or when I fall, many people are sleeping, and longevity is also difficult. Don't love sports, greedy food, just want to lie down, it is the status quo of most people, but it is also the main reason for longer.

In fact, compared to Yang Mi, in 2014, Huo San's weight is more "deadly", because a series of reasons, the weight of Huo Siyan has reached 160 pounds, equivalent to a normal body weight of 180cm male. With the big waist, the tiger's back bear went to describe the Huo Siyan at that time, and even if Huo San became a mocking object.

In the face of this situation, Huo San will determine to change his own, so she has three months of "hiding". When I change it again, her figure can be said that it is a full-time, which is comparable to her justice. Therefore, Huo Siyan recovered the success of the body soon quickly slammed it, but people were more concerned about what method she used to do this.

Later, in a program, Huo Si Yan finally announced his "secret". In fact, it is to drink red bean glutinous rice tea, and the focus is to stick to drink. According to the statement on her show, "4, 5 pounds a week is normal." So Huo Siyan's method quickly fired, the men and women in the entertainment circle were more like Hui Shou Yan to drink red bean's rice tea. .

However, many people can't insist on drinking red bean braids because the process of suspected production is too trouble. Therefore, it is more recommended that you choose a disposable tea bag. You can complete a cup of red bean, use this method to better insist on using this method. So, don't you hurry?

Nowadays, Huo Si Yan's "same red bean glutinous rice tea bag" can be started with 9.9 yuan after vouchers, so do you still don't plan to act quickly?