"What is the real identity of Xiao Yuyu?

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"What is the real identity of Xiao Yuyu?

2021-11-28 00:05:17 47 ℃

In the play, two characters are called small goldfish and small koi. Who is the small goldfish and small koi?

1, "Your little 仵 仵" small goldfish

Xiao Jinfish refers to Xiao Yu Yu, Xiao Jin's brother Xiao Yujing is Xiao Yuyu. These two names are homophonic in the name of the two brothers, and they are known as small goldfish and small koi by the audience.

2, what is the real identity of Xiao Yuyu?

Xiao Yu Yu and Xiao Wei are twins, the son of Xiping Princess. But there are many details in the play, which suggests that one of the two brothers is not the biological son of the Princess Xiping. Among them, Xiao Yuyu's true identity has been concerned about many viewers. After seeing Xiao Yu Yu and his brother Xiao Yujing, although the two were twins, it was chu to show that the two are not like a brother.

Xiao Yuyu's teacher Xue Que's identity has also been suspicious. Surface of Xue's face has been supporting and maintaining Xiao Yu Yu, but he called himself "this king" in private. You must know that there are two princes in the play, Xiao Yuyu is An County King, and another prince is Changwang. Why is Xue? Why do you call yourself as "this king"? There is also a detail in the drama, just in the anti-school, call Xiao Yuyu as a fish, and Xue Diren has saved the goldfish at home. This details are implied that Xue's adult is using Xiao Yu Yu, and Xue Qi is the real scene BOSS?

And if Xiao Yu Yu is not a princess of Xiping, why is the Princess Xiping? Who will Xiao Yu's biological parents? and many more. With these doubts to chase, find answers from the play.