In addition to "watching", find more "TOC Imagine" in the film and television industry.

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In addition to "watching", find more "TOC Imagine" in the film and television industry.

2021-11-28 00:05:03 35 ℃

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Recently, the movie "Changjin Lake" officially transcends the "Wolf 2" on the top of my country's shadow history box office list, "Changjin Lake" is also the highest movie this year's global box office. According to the 2021 global box office trend, the Chinese market continues to have no suspense in the world's largest ticket warehouse since October last year.

In the past ten years, the size growth rate of China's film market is amazing. However, in the past two years, China's box office growth is also blocked under the influence of epidemic, and even in 2019 before the epidemic, the total amount of 64.2 billion yuan in box office is not called a large industrial scale - and the head explosive film is huge. The influence is clearly not summarized by this number, and the value of movie content has many spaces that still have to be excavated.

How much is the value of the movie?

Comparison with foreign film markets in development, the share of film-derivative industries has gradually become one of the main differences in the Chinese and foreign film markets. Many film industry people have insights. In this year's Forum, "Tang Dynasty" series of director, the producer Chen Sicheng once said that the movie "empty affected": "Just like" Tang Dynasty "Spring Festival has nearly 100 million viewers into the cinema to buy Tickets to see, but now the question is that in addition to watching the consumer behavior of the movie and the consumption scene of the cinema, we are almost zero. "

This is not an individual phenomenon. In the same forum, the investors also mentioned that the box office in China's film market accounts for more than 90%, and the income in the US market usually only accounts for only 30%, the remaining seven-curtains come from channel authority, derivative development, etc. Market.

Of course, the current shortcomings also means huge "development potential". The audience has selected the film to purchase ticket, watching, movie market from the beginning is a to C industry, which is directly connected to the audience's demand. This "possibility" is the opportunity: how to find more users, enhance users Consumption frequency? How to "retain" new people attracted by the screening of the film? How to put the user's purchase tickets from "a hammer sale", become the user's and movie content, and a neighboring tie between the movie platform?

For the film industry, it is not only more incomes, not only more income, but also for the movie market to maintain vitality, distracting risks, attracting more new active users to seek more answers.

More "To C Imagine": Multivariate Exploration of Scene

Many film and television companies have begun more actual exploration of more "To C imagination" in the film industry. The court is like Wanda Movies, this year, this year launched a self-tea brand, trying to have a cup in the theater + new tea and drinks; Huayi brothers, the movie theme park project in the light of the light is still continuously developed; chasing the animation "green snake robbery "The joint produced in the joint", joined the 哩 哔 and bubble mart, the next day, the surrounding crowdfunding plan is opened.

In addition, the Ali shadow industry just released 2021/22, as an example. During the reporting period, the Ali Xiang industry participated in the "Changjin Lake" "Chinese doctor" "cliff top" and other explosions. The film, achieving $ 1358 billion, operating a loss of 0.76 billion yuan, a year-on-year narrowed over 60%, adjusted EBITA for a loss of 0.05 billion yuan, compared to the same period last year, nearly 10 billion yuan, close to profit and loss.

In addition to the participating explosive film and performance figures, this financial report is more worthless of its multi-business equilibrium growth: mainly consisting of platform ticketing and numerous platforms to increase by 157% year-on-year to 567 million yuan. IP derivative and commercial business income of 23 billion yuan, an increase of 47% year-on-year, and the two high-speed growth business and the content business of steady growth, constitute the "multi-engine drive" model across the pan-cultural industry.

The expansion of the "To C imagination" in the film industry, read entertainment, believes that it can be divided into two aspects from the generous direction: one is based on the consumption behavior, and the multi-wider range of users will meet the multi-domain demand from the purchase of the ticketing view. Expand the user's size while increasing activity; its second is based on the movie content itself for more IP derived development, and strengthen the emotional connection of IP and users while "increasing". In two ways, one is the horizontal rich channel width, one is longitudinal growth consumption link, increasing the depth of emotion.

The scene is wide, it is easy to understand is the case of the cinema market - film screening income is usually only part of the cinema profit, while consumers' viewing behaviors bring a lot of people's flow, attention and time, which means a lot of "outside the film" Consumer needs, many business spaces have brought many business spaces in the cinema diet, entertainment facilities. But how to attract more viewers to the cinema to watch, how to let the audience will stay in the viewing scene for a longer time, more consumption, and the promotion of the movie industry is still huge.

This year's Amour ticket and the "麦 VIP" launched by the barley are jointly in the case of the membership system. "淘 麦 VIP" has opened a movie + performance scene in the industry. Based on consumption and score for both users to provide a large value-for-money welfare, equity and innovation operations - such as points draw, show, Member taxi vouchers, Starbucks Welfare such as coupons, black diamond members also have unlimited fast return, offline meeting, in advance, peripheral exchange, performance rapid admission channel, music festival exclusive package and other members' rights. In the "Super Thursday" or member day, there is a "scorpion" such as a scarce ticket to extract. This "a big basket" rights benefits collection, but also the "mutual push" income brought about by movies and performances, but also to "gravitational" for users: In the past, users recognize the purchase platform I know more, "Take the way to go", but "Tao Mai VIP" makes new and old users more than the benefits of the film performance and more life scenes, let the new and old users have more "open and stay The power of "the power is also easier to generate" value sense "to the viewing behavior, which attracts more new users, retains the old users, and enhances the active activity of the entire platform. In the view of reading entertainment, its significance is similar to the role of the 88VIP member system in Ali's business.

More "To C Imagine": IP derivatives and user emotional connection

IP derivatives are more about "imagination space" throughout the film and television entertainment market. In this respect, Disney's strategy has played a leading role, allowing the market to see that the successful movie IP can drive how large users' attention and industrial kinetic energy.

Explosive film content is the origin and foundation of Disney multi-dollar business, but Disney's film box office revenue is lower than that of the park, derivative, copyright operations, etc. In the epidemic, Di Shi's 2020 fiscal year loss, the 20021 fiscal business loss is expanded, and the growth of streaming business hours is still lost, but Disney's derivative business has achieved $ 2684 billion business profit, year-on-year growth 25 %, Became an important support for Disney to turn over to profit in the film market.

The cause of the domestic market has not formed such a market model in the past: Dial to 2021, the environment in China's film market has changed:

On the one hand, domestic movies occupy nine seats in the Ten of China's shadow. Compared to the era of Hollywood's rebellion; on the other hand, in the past two years, a large number of "new consumption" industry in China is rising, such as "blind box The economy "The market value of 100 billion bubble mart, the rapid rise of Hanfu market, the online script kills, the wolf people will be hot", "new consumption" is very concerned, meaning the new generation of young people lead The huge demand in the consumer market, which brings unprecedented opportunities for the film and television industry in the field of spending and other consumption, and the film and television IP derivatives can be available.

But however, how to connect IP and users in depth, the domestic market can be said to be "explore". The choice of Ali shadow is to strengthen the wide area layout -

In terms of service platform, the IP transaction and innovation platform of Ali Xiangye, Alifequia directly hit the IP party and the needs of the two parties of the merchant. On the one hand, help the world's high quality IP to connect to the Chinese market, complete the laying of the latter commercial link; on the other hand, it can also provide brand merchants from IP selection, authorized commodity design, supply chain support, marketing game, channel laying and other overall authorization cooperation. solution. During the reporting period, Kakao Friends, Xiao Huang and other overseas IPs have developed multiple joint items under the service of Ali fish. During the reporting period, the Tmall tide of Ali fish is played, and the new shop business The number increased by 120+, and the new purchase of users increased by 71% year-on-year, and the growth rate was very considerable.

In terms of IP derivatives, the practice of Ali shadows is to depth combination of IP characteristics, pay attention to the "temperature" and "story" of the product. Ali Ying Industry launched the game brand "Koi" and trend IP and life grocery brand "alternative", both opened offline stores this year. Koi launched a "township" series of "township" series in March, from design to pre-sale, fans harvesting out the box, Liu Neng's hand, is more "one difficult". Can have such a heat, the hand-held design work is not: Beijing opera face combined with industrial winds, the facial shape is highly reduced IP character charm, and there is no deep understanding of the original IP and user emotions.

In the process of seeking more "To C Imagination Space", the "emotional connection" of the product and the user may be the least ignored - the emotional agreement of the user's favorite of IP is an important driving force for the purchase of surrounding products. The derivative development should be such an emotionally contacted "strengthening agent" instead of "one-way consumption" for IP value.

In addition to "hometown love", Koi smashed the "Hello, Flame Blue" cotton doll, "Yulou Spring" role, "Street Dance 4" joint play, gains fans' love. This reflects a content IP's benign development mode - Ali's entertainment IP resources to develop precipitation of the market foundation for the play product, and the game products based on IP charm development can accurately inspire the emotion of fans, and go online. Under the blend of the marketing capacity, it is rapidly broken, and it can be used to fill the IP itself after forming a synergistic effect. Conclusion:

"The 14th Five-Year Plan" China Film Development Plan "mentioned:" To develop multi-level diversified film markets, close attention, accurately grasp the development trend of global film industry and audiovisual science and technology, and actively cultivate new movie consumption patterns ... Promote movie derived Product development and authorization, promote fusion development of movies and games, tourism, expand the scale of film consumption, increase the overall revenue of the film industry. "

Therefore, it is necessary to actively explore in the field of technology and IP commercialization. This is not only the "situation" of the movie market, the mass consumption concept changes, but also the "advance echo" of China's film industry development plan. I believe that under the efforts of the industry, the future of China's film will not stop in the "first ticket" in the world.

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