And Tao Hong Duan Yao is a classmate, 24 years old to give up the chance of reproduction, and the Song Rock drama is deeply affected.

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And Tao Hong Duan Yao is a classmate, 24 years old to give up the chance of reproduction, and the Song Rock drama is deeply affected.

2021-11-28 12:02:34 40 ℃

In recent months, middle-aged idol dramas have become a hot discussion on screen. Liu Tao and Lin Feng's "Star Dahai" were originally not optimistic, but it was more and more in the late stage. Whether it is a discussion or ratings, it has become a benchmark. Who said that middle-aged actors can't play a love drama, this is the best proof.

In the "home mother", Jiang Qinqin once again played the costume drama, and the praise is always online. Jiang Qin Qin, Chen Jianbin, was also not idle, while playing the master president while playing. In the "Not confused", he worked in Mei Ting to work with Mei Ting to make the emotional entanglement of urban men and women and the psychological activities under heavy pressure.

In the drama, in addition to the male and female protagonists are powerful actors, other actors are also properly active. Yu Mingjiao is an actor of Beijing human art, and Liu Wei is in the Queen of Datang's Glory, people hate tooth. Among these senior actors, there is also a male actor to eat, not only actor, but also dubbed to Liang Chaowei, Dawn and Jacky Cheung.

In the drama, the simple love of Feng Chunsheng and Mei Ting played by Tu Songyan 8 years. Because the big boss daughter Zhuo Xiaoting's intervention, the relationship between the two is precarious. Simple, for Feng Chunsheng, gave up his work in his hometown, rejected the principal's retaining, only to reunite into Beijing and boyfriend.

Originally, the secretary of the backbone class of the middle school, I can only put down the body when I arrived in Beijing, and the simple encounter is sympathetic. What is the most frustrated or a boyfriend who is more than 8 years. She has also considered Feng Chunsheng and Zhuo Xiaoting's relationship, but she did not put it on my heart.

Feng Chunsheng is a rare doctoral student, but Beijing has fallen down. Even if there is a big wish, it is difficult to have a cruelty. With a talented, he wants to have a head, and the character of practical efforts is seen by the only daughter of the boss. This is undoubtedly the best opportunity for him who wants to succeed.

Feng Chunsheng had to have a relationship with Zhuo Xiaoting before his girlfriend. When he found himself with Zhuo Xiaoting's help, he can get everyone's respect. When he can last a step, he hesitated. Simple is to wait for the 8 years of girlfriend, Zhuo Xiaoting can make the second generation of the Yellow Teng Saida, and he has decided that two people have decided.

Seeing Feng Chunsheng's mother's attitude, seeing her to Zhuo Xiaoting, I knew that Feng Chunsheng did not open in this way. Simple Originally, you can choose to continue marriage, but she is not willing to become someone else to return. Independence self-improvement, she decided no longer compromise, I would rather gave up Feng Chunsheng, which was not in my own body.

When Feng Chunsheng said that it is not sure that Zhuo Xiaoting is with Zhuo Xiaoting, he will become a son-in-law of Zhuojia with a very fast speed and the other party. Although Zhuo Xiaoting died against him, Zhuo said, but he wore Feng's inner, see that he would want to maintain self-esteem, and will not refuse the interests of his hand.

Feng Chunsheng is a typical phoenix man, and I want to fly Huang Tengda, but I am not willing to rely on my own efforts. Drawing Feng Chunsheng is the national first-class actor Tu Songyan. He performs a principle on Feng's surface. It is actually easy to obtain successful contrast. MAIN didn't regret when it was a simple pain. When he was paying Zhuo Xiaoting, he appeared.

When the two old people came to him, he would say that he would only become an ostrich, hid to hide. The purpose of this is still unwilling to face it, he is unwilling to give up Zhuo Xiaoting to bring the benefits. In order to get what you want, how about giving up for 8 years, if it is not a father's pressure, he is even more no.

This is Tu Songyan to play Phoenix men after 14 years. He was first met by the audience because of the "double-sided adhesive" broadcast in 2007. At first, he was a good husband Li Yaping who took care of his wife. Once it turns into "double-sided glue", it is necessary to please mother and have a wife, he becomes focused, and its nature is gradually exposed.

Different from the livestock of the earth in Shanghai, Li Yaping is a northeast guy who is reading here and staying here after work. Because the family is ordinary, I have been picky from the mother of my mother. But I am not grateful to buy a wedding room, but also to my wife, this is great.

Tu Songyan played the phoenix male Li Yiping in this drama, and this drama also made him familiar with the national audience. From this drama, his career is still very smooth, although it has given up a famous opportunity when he graduated. In 1998, in order to graduate a drama, he chooses to give up the male second of the TV series "Hand". He said that there will be regret but never regret.

If you miss "Hand", it is unfortunately, so it is more desirable for the son for 3 years. In November 2015, the 39-year-old Tu Songyan announced that his son was born, and his life had changed significantly. He said in the show that he barely took a few days in 3 years, even if it would pick up the child, because he has been with his wife himself.

When the child was born, he was accompanied by the whole process, and he also cut the umbilical cord. See the birth of a child, he was more nervous than their filming, "when people are wood." Because he has been with the children, did not miss the all-important process of children growing up. In Tu Song Yan So this is the trade-offs, "I got together with the children happy, lost is a lot of opportunity."

Songyan poured his son with almost all energy. He said that the child also took the eyes around the world. The son is a small age, has accumulated more than 100,000 flight miles. Although it is very hard to take a young child, it is not a tired when his father's harvest is for the children. Although there are a lot of mistakes in the past few years, because sometimes you get the script, you will know that you will be able to fire, and the character team is very good. However, I think of a few months, he can only give up, "The last choice is still to accompany her family." Tu Songyan never been anxious, because he believed in his own professional, I want to play a lifetime.

If it is a lot of sacrifices for your son, but when Dad is still very helpful to him. He also played Dad before, but didn't have daddy. When there is a personal experience, he played a father in the bones, and it was more heartbered. In the "name of the family", Dad played by Songyan let all the audience have erected a thumbs up.

He played a pointed (Tan Song rhyme) in the play, and he raised his daughter alone after his wife and died. In addition to the biological daughter, he also had two kinds of her own sons, one is Ling Xiao, because the parents always quarrel have nothing to eat by him home. The other is the autumn, the son of the blind date, my mother ran only him alone.

Because of this role, the 45-year-old Tu Songyan ushered in another career peak. When the children were young, he did not take care of him. The three children were big, and he was a crying show on the table, praised the highlight of this drama. Tu Songyan tears, let all the audience are worried about him. The acting of Tu Songyan once again received all the audience recognition.

Tu Songyan is a male actor in the late mini, graduated from the 94-level performance department of China, and the classmates in the class have Tao Hong, Duan Yihong. Tu Songyan said that he graduated only in the drama in the drama. He saw the success of the students, he would have anxious and impetuous, and there will be a small drop in mind, but it will be adjusted soon.

When "Double-sided Glue" is broadcast, he has graduated from the Chinese drama for more than 8 years, and 32 years old have a famous budget to be the lake. However, when this work allows more people to see him, he began anxiety. He found that most of our own life is a life play, because he was posted on the expression of the splint, which made him feel uncomfortable.

He began to find new challenges, ease of the figures, and played a small person. He found that this is easy to jump out, and it is very fresh and easy to shape. He wants to give yourself different challenges, in fact, this is also equal to abandoning some viewer groups. Tu Songyan said that he doesn't care about the so-called label, only wants to make himself more thick and unique.

After 20 years of graduation, it is already the sage of the national first-level actor, but it participated in "I am actor." Tu Songyan said that he was first refused, because his son played in Canada. When the program group came for the second time, he was interested in the form of the program. It takes a few hours to discharge the work, so that he feels excited, it will decide this.

At that time, the judges under the stage were Zhang Ziyi, a 96th level, and a school girl with 2 sessions. He didn't have any place where you were in a place, just say that you didn't care as a game, just want to find the memories of the year, is the creation process in the school. For him, the fun of creation is the most important, and the rank is second.

For everyone's most intended exposure, To Songyan does not take advantage of it. He said that his position is an actor instead of a star. He said that the warmth of affection is not a measure of money. He is more careless to absence the child's growth process.

He doesn't have to play, because it is already in the bones. Seeing the sub-autumn clothes in the play will let him think of a shakh sock, especially can share, "This is my biggest wealth, and I have a lot of roles in the future, it is very helpful. "

Have you seen the "double-sided adhesive" of the Lan Songger play, how do you think he sacrifice your family? Do you agree with his choice?

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