The girl's clothes, stressed that the mother-in-law bought, fans: I found a good mother-in-law

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The girl's clothes, stressed that the mother-in-law bought, fans: I found a good mother-in-law

2021-11-28 12:03:41 28 ℃

Persons: Mr. Pull and Pig, is a controversy net red couple on the Internet. After coming, it is not less than by netizens, and the little pig is a small three in your mouth. The slag men were also "given" the outer number of lagos.

Compared with Han An, the pocket is more beautiful, and the five senses are more natural. Even if it is not ugly, in addition to the skin, there is no difference, maybe the pig is to see her long phase, will be followed She is together.

The love of young people, the love of love at first sight, the two people, the two people, must also also like each other, so Han Anji will scate the pig, the color is easy to be cheated, it seems that she is a piglet It is a fool.

Pigs are together with their pockets. In fact, there is something wrong. Since divorce, there is free love right, but he is the least, because the little pig girl is, after all, the little pig girl is his biological daughter. This is never changed.

After the child is pregnant, the child is not born, it is called by the netizens to with the little pig sister, many netizens have ridicule her, after the child is having a child, what should I do? She grows upright.

Who knows that a daughter is a daughter, saying that her daughter with Dad, this child is probably more like, with a piggy, nearly a daughter's clothes, finally no longer black and white three colors, otherwise everyone is certain I feel that she is not a daughter.

When I saw these clothes, some netizens rushed, is it a small pig girl's clothes, and the little chance is clarified, saying that clothes are new, they buy it, there is no need to wear someone else's clothes And the relationship between them is not very suitable.

In the process of showing clothes, the pocket revealed that the daughter called a small cherry, and she had played a name for her children before and piglets. Maybe I felt that tons of tons of boy will reach a girl's name.

One piece took a piece of clothes, the color of the color is very cute, although it is a child's clothes, it gives people a very fashionable feeling. She stressed that these clothes are bought, and they have not given everyone. It is fear that netizens guessed is a girl.

After the fans got, they said that they found a good mother-in-law, and her mother-in-law was really very good. I said that the online people want my son. She said that her mother-in-law said that his son daughter is good, as long as it is healthy.

I don't know the words "health", it means the meaning of the literal, or the darkness of the small pig girl is unhealthy, before the small pig girl has congenital heart disease, I can scare everyone, I didn't expect the little pig's grandmother. Actually worried about her.

For those who are, this mother-in-law is really good, in addition to ten fingers do not touch the spring water, don't care about it, there is no problem, and the mother-in-law will take care of her, this small How can the princess care people?

For Han Anzhen, this mother-in-law is not a simple role. She is looking for her to find her money. When the other party bought so many jewelry, they were brought to Han Anji, and they didn't care.

Conclusion: There is a saying that it is true, and I will see people in the heart after a long time. Han Anji has three years with pigs, only to see this old lady's true face, I don't know how long it takes to spend it, I can be tired by the mother-in-law. The heart is always good.