"The evening is worried" Alan Tam: It is comparable to Zeng Zhiwei, hegemony Zhang Guorong, how is the truth of the incident?

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"The evening is worried" Alan Tam: It is comparable to Zeng Zhiwei, hegemony Zhang Guorong, how is the truth of the incident?

2021-11-28 18:02:53 21 ℃

Movie Big Brother Zeng Zhiwei still needs a cup of "forgetting water" to conquer Blue Jie, the patriotism, Tan Tan, but only if the fan is only in the words? On November 23, 2021, the sorrowful beef is covered with green glittering hat, wrote a small essay in an indignation: Double 11 not only makes you breaking money, but also let you take the secret of your girlfriend, according to sad meat The face said: his girlfriend is an iron powder of Alan, for the complete trust between each other, he never watched his girlfriend mobile phone, just for the double 11 to give his girlfriend a surprise, he picked up the mobile phone, but saw men POLO The shirt and men's perfume purchase record, tend to be curious, and he carefully looked at the phone and found the secrets of your girlfriend hidden album. To this, Tan Tan is completely splashing, his girlfriend goes out to play, for a good life, girlfriend fans Signal, the fact is Tan principal, you sailed in the stage, my girlfriend talked about the old artist who came out, the old artist and the small 48-year-old, unknown chasing girl, this is bundled by the netizen And if this is just the beginning, Alan Tam has a rumor statement, but gives the netizen unscrupulous opportunity.

On November 24, Alan Lee released a clarification statement, but the text of the dry Baba seems to have no crit is effective. Adhering to the more clarification, the more the belief, the sad beef noodles will come out. A picture of a suspected Tam, and a chat information, which is the most digestive digestion, it is a "no heart", which is a good job, as the principal of Tan, the praise of Tan Tan Tang, the behavior, is also very confused. When sad beef is trembled, he played a hundred words, and put it on the photo for everyone, Xiaobian didn't know how his girlfriend thought, but Musi pure to give himself "sleep powder" boyfriend Zhang Zhexuan When I walked to the stage, he would not change my iron powder girlfriend? Of course, it may be scared by the statement of Alan, or the heart of true love is summoning.

On November 25th, when everyone sat, she sat more convincing photos, sad beef noodles deleted her own back, replaced by an eleventh sentence, unacceptable to public relations, what made sad beef noodles The hammer in your hands? Look at his girlfriend's long-term understanding, the 71-year-old patriotic singer Alan Tam is not just a personal hobby every day, but also a beautiful female powder of the small four rounds? On November 23, 2021, when the "hammer" of sleeping powder hammered on Tan, his late comment became the focus of everyone, the appearance of the female powder became a big question mark, maybe it is to satisfy everyone. Curiosity, in the unknown in Tan principal, a long-haired little sister is not in time, if the skin is beautiful, the eyes are full, it is the synonym of her beauty, can you let Tan's president is good, I am afraid It is a synonym of sin, "the former girlfriend in all" sad beef noodles, let all the sentences, but you think the photo hostess will not be? I can't find the woman, I will make my owner, she simply succeeds, let the world fall into the fuss, after all, the pair of shoes do not help but fly, Tan principal makes the man who will make a man?

Soon, there is a "testimony", take a closer look, I am afraid that Tan principal knows to be moved to tears, and the netizen who has a heart, pointed out that there is a lighted cabinet in the back of the man released, and the cabinet map It is a turning chair in a white towel, and it should be a desktop. The bed is obviously P. For example, Tan President Tan is the most common sweat towel is blue, not white, even asked "" 71-year-old love bean will go running, is he superman? " This general detective reasoning is definitely true love powder. It seems difficult to make white.

Before there was six hours with Zhang Guorong, after six hours, then there was a full love for the original powder, and the Tan was really true? At the top ten golden songs in 1985, Zhang Guorong, who was sexual orientation, kicked out his "Tan Zhang Hege", his sentence: some people get some things take a long time, at least I get something now. It is my efforts to get it, it is the source of Tan Zhangfi, and the two are sleepy in the venue for six hours, and they will not be able to say that Tan Tan's "slag" will understand. Before moving to Taiwan, it is like a yellow group Baby, Alan Tam also encountered his powder silk and girlfriend Yang Jiewei, the girl was very easy to "love the bra", and Yang Jiewei gave up his own beauty consultants. Even gave up the idea of ​​the child under "opening" of Alan Tam.

But she is waiting for the good news of official Xuan marriage, but a Tan Tan's so-called "illegitimate child" Tan Xiaofeng, Tan Xiaofeng's mother is now the wife Zhu Yongping, there is a soul of the Tam, and there is a financial power. Commitment, Yang Jiewei helplessly recognized Tan Xiaofeng's arrival, but Monkey Tam Tam laughed with his mouth, support his elders, when he was "separated pro,", Yang Jiewei's palace is shaken.

In 2006, Alan Tam had died, he directly forgot to commit a commitment to Yang Jiewei, to transfer billions of production to his son Tan Xiaofeng, since then, Zhu Yongting, who has been standing behind the scene, has already taken himself as a Tan family, Tan Xiaofeng, Double Double and Fuzheng,Yang Jie Wei Si's sex, "I have a love for Yang Yang Jie Wei, and Zhu Yuing is love", it has become the original evaluation of Alan Tam, now Tam Tam and the small four-wheeled female powder melon, will it take directly to detonation?A small idea of love Tan Tan has already proved his fearlessness, knowing how to understand, after all, the original Zeng Zhiwei is now not still living into big brother?Everyone has any unique opinion, please leave a message in the comment area, the small package will talk about the analysis!This article is original, plagiarism without authorization, violations!