Wastead's false gentleman, Zhao Lixin!

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Wastead's false gentleman, Zhao Lixin!

2021-11-28 18:03:32 21 ℃

When Zhao Li was young, he studied Zweig's "a unfamiliar woman's letter" and "a 24-hour woman in his life."

His loved foreign drama, a large part of the reason stems from reading foreign literature experience.

Zhao Li Xin made a story of "a good brand of a good brand" because of the wind wave.

Zhao Lixin's life has always been very smooth.

Since he didn't know much about the performance, so, I just fill in the middle play, Bei Guang, play, there is always a lucky party to come on him.

But I didn't expect that he was fully admitted to these three schools!

Because of its excellent performance, he was sent to the University of Russia to the National Film University of Russia.

In the Swedish National Grand Theater, Zhao Lixin is a male No. 1 that is not letting on the stage. Zhao Lixin has lived in the unique life of the Nordic people.

Swiss newspapers have also described him as an eagle of Orient, with a black wings soaring,

If it is not to meet love again, Zhao Lixin is afraid that it will not want to return to China at all.

In the days of Sweden, he has been happy and comfortable. If it is not the second wife to think about it, he will not choose to return to China.

After returning to the country, he joined the drama and took care of film and television.

Professor's way is very novel, always allowing students to learn some meaningful knowledge.

Zhao Lixin participated in the translation and adapting a lot of scripts, and the language context is the basis for the basis. Will the four languages.

The gentleman cautiously, and Zhao Li Xin has always given the feelings of the audience. It is the kind of Talented scholars who have learned. It seems that it is a clear flow in the entertainment circle. Who can I think Zhao Lixin will tell this statement?

Despite, Zhao Li's new use "ignorance" to ignore himself, and send a stinky apology letter, but the audience does not buy, and the official media does not buy.

Everyone means is very clear, that is, you don't match the public.

The following is the evaluation of netizens.

Talent has no virtue support, it is impossible to fly over the sky. The actor is so good, unfortunately.

He is a dedicated good actor! It's just a long time abroad, I don't understand the cultural atmosphere of China. Maybe he has not turned around now, but unfortunately his talent! I really like him!

Since it is a foreigner, go to foreign countries to make money, don't mix in China. History is not suspicious.

As an influential actor, you must be cautious, many things are lost, the ideas are different, can't talk, the influence is too big!

I saw that he was very good! Domestic middle-aged actors can surpass him, it is really regret. Therefore, the public figure must be in cautious!

I really like Zhao Lixin's actor, especially the drama of his play, it is absolutely, especially good, really enjoy.

I like the works of him, but unfortunately!

A actor is very good, hey, it is very unfortunate.

As an affected actor, you must be cautious, however, the words are different, the ideas are different, can't say, the influence is too big. China's actors are to fight cultural, moral, style, quality, and comply with Chinese history.

I used to see that Daming Dynasty saw that Shen Yishi felt very charm, it was a powerful actor, and it was very good.

I have seen the voice of the voice, it is really great. Since the little bit of suffering, it is not necessarily a good thing. The life experience is too smooth, I don't know if it is convergent and cautious, lacking the nourishing and wisdom of traditional culture.

It is not a lot of attention to this person, but after reading the article, I feel very emotion, do anything in advance, whether it is, I have to know my root.

In fact, people don't have to be too inferior. Inner sunshine, consciously toned, how others say, is his right. Noble and despicable, rooted in the bones.

The problem is that there are many things, the country should really strengthen patriotism. Otherwise, there will be endless after the future. This helping the people in the bones, there is no Chinese righteousness.

No matter what thing to do, you have to start with a person. The character is not good, don't do anything.

Artists must not only have exquisite acting, and have a good professional ethics. Artists, so good.

Hey, it's okay, now the fresh meat era has become a past style! The emergence of many old bones began to fill my regret. As a viewer, I just have a good show, there is no difference in disappearance! Self-acting, blame.

The radio waves that the TV series never disappeared is great.

The public figure, you really want to be responsible for your words and deeds! Because you affect it is not just a circle!

In the "Daming Dynasty" is Shen Wan Sany! Tell your performance!

This partner is also a delicate and self-esteem! No, you can not be divided, where is it?

I want to know where people now?

Zhao Lixin is right, such as those in variety show, the red artists are playing with monkeys.

Single said that the acting skills, from the "Daming Dynasty 1566" he met, the acting masters in front of him have: Ni Dahong's Yan Yan, Chen Bao Guo's Jiajing, Zhang Zhijian's Yan Shikan, Zhang Ji Song's Yang Jinshui, Zhang Zijian's Li Shizhen, Wang Qingxiang Hu Zongxian, Xu Guangming's Lu Fang. It is better to use Zheng Yu's Wang to use, Guo Guangping's Zhu Zai.