Zhao Changjun, Danyian Danjun, the streets were sent to doctors by three mixed men, saying that they are in hand.

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Zhao Changjun, Danyian Danjun, the streets were sent to doctors by three mixed men, saying that they are in hand.

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Once, the martial arts circle "Chang Sheng General", Donnie Yeng Danji Zhao Changjun, when he crossed a taxi in the street, was defeated by three mixed punches, and finally sent to hospital treatment.

Zhao Changjun said: "Young people don't talk about Wude, I don't want to be in your hand, now I am a few!" In fact, Zhao Changjun's strength is not talking. He is 6 years old, because it revealed the extraordinary martial arts days, parents were sent to Shaanxi local professional martial arts school after four years. In the 1980s, several alleys outside the Zhao Changjun often had a disaster, and there is no one in the place, not only for the "protection fees" of the booth, but sometimes I can't encounter can't be chaos. . After studying a martial art, Zhao Changjun, who is enthusiastic, often uses Kung Fu to help. Some training came back, and several arrogant dishes were stopped in front of a selling vegetable booth. The owner was a woman in four or more than four years old. It was basically unhappy, only helplessly opened the tank payment.

Zhao Changjun saw that I couldn't help it at the time, three steps and two steps picked up a dish of the disaster, and the other few people saw someone to stir, and they greeted the stick. Under such a critical juncture, Zhao Changjun did not panic, and used his own improved "land!" Later, because so good, Zhao Changjun also received the "Enthusiastic Citizen Award" issued by the local government. In addition to the flexible "land punch", Zhao Changjun is also very good at "chasing the wind" and "crazy stick". It can be said that the knife stick roll is the same. Later, I participated in the national martial arts competition, and Zhao Changjun combined with these three sheds, all the way to get into the finals to obtain a reputation.

In addition, Zhao Changjun's martial arts light is a gold medal to take more than 50, but also because of the high winning rate, he is called the "Chang Sheng General", which is known as the martial arts, and the move of the hand is called "Zhao's three ". Until I met Li Lianjie, even if the two fierce fiercely more than three rounds, because the other's foundation is better, I have been going abroad for several years. Zhao Changjun finally defeated, took the runner-up. However, Zhao Changjun said generously: "Li Lianjie is the most powerful opponent, and it is a chess, will be good, refreshing!" And Li Lianjie won the film circle, and did not forget that I have tricks with him. Old friends, recommending Luo Wei, and finally let Zhao Changjun have a movie dream, and take the "one knife in the city" with Hong Jinbao. In addition to moving a movie, Zhao Changjun's greatest focus on the disciple, according to incomplete statistics, he received two or three hundred students in ten years, and the most famous is the Donnie Dan.

No one can think of it is that such a honorable kung fu, but he was taught by a few streets when going out a car. At that time, the world was rain. Zhao Changjun was rushing home. He was anxious to stop the car on the side of the road. I didn't expect a few mixed greeted. I didn't say goodness: "The old man, this car is first, you stand! "When Zhao Changjun has received this kind of grievance, then he screamed:" You want to know it again, don't want to be beaten, hurry ... "The result didn't wait for him to finish, the other party moved his hand, put Zhao Changjun from the car. I took it out. Zhao Changjun is not so provoked, a set of "land punch" reinvolution.

Several blending does not speak rules, copy the scan of the streets, and the 箕 通 通 四 四 四 四 四 四 四 四 四 四 难 难 难 四 四 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难Donnie Yen heard that the master was hit. Even if I arrived at the hospital, I urged: "What kind of mixed length, I must have to report this enemy for the master." Zhao Changjun thought about it: "More things It's better to have a little less. If you don't talk about Wu De, or if I have a big age, I have a chance to shoot! "If you say that you know that the old man is the master of Don Dian Dan, there is also an apprentice Hundred, may not dare to do it, after all, he played "Ye Qiu" in the movie, the prestige of 1VS20 can be a human being. What do you think?