Domestic senior actors Zhang Guodong have been carried out, the year is 92 years old, He Junxiang is mourning!

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Domestic senior actors Zhang Guodong have been carried out, the year is 92 years old, He Junxiang is mourning!

2021-11-28 18:03:17 28 ℃

According to Taiwan media reports, at the end of last month, Senior actor Zhang Guodong died of pancreatic cancer and was 92 years old. On November 2nd, the actors He Junxiang also sent a condolence information on Weibo: It would be very honored to play with Grandpa.

It turned out that Zhang Guodong and He Jianxiang have played the "Tianwei" in Taiwan last year, which is a well-known "lonely and splendid God - ghost", and Zhang Guodong played a landmaster. At that time, Zhang Guodong in the play and vibrant. Who can I think he is 91 years when shooting this drama? This also brought great touch to He Junxiang. When the time played with himself, he had forever left this world. It is difficult to say that He Junxiang is also very sad.

A few months ago, Zhang Guodong was not suitable, extremely thin, and even cancer. At that time, many friends in Zhang Guodong went to the hospital to visit him. The Director of the Performing Arts Association also invited many members of the association to visit Zhang Guodong. After half a month, I would like to find more time to see, but I didn't expect Zhang Guodong to die due to the death of the disease, and made many members of the Performance Association very sad.

In 1950, Zhang Guodong announced that he will enter the entertainment circle and become an artist. Previously, I was admitted to the 208th teacher of the youth army. The more Sun classmates, became an actor, and Zhang Guodong also served as a tailor in several play, often running the dragon. It can be said that the starting point of Zhang Guodong is not high, but every progress is relying on himself. Although there are not many scenes that have just begun, Zhang Guodong does not have any dissatisfaction. Instead, wear the acting skills, start running the dragon in many works.

Working will also have a return. After that, Zhang Guodong, more and more drama, many director remembered him. In the 71 years he became an actor, countless classic works, including "two me", "Going home", "Gaotao Princess". He seemed to see, you will see, "you will see", you will see the funny classics in the TV series "Chuncheng Nowhere." With the performance in "Go Home", Zhang Guodong was in the best male role of Jinzhong Award, but unfortunately did not win the award in that year.

In 2009, Zhang Guodong got nominated again with the excellent performance in the film "Netherlaces". This time, he won the 44th Golden Bell Award Mini Series Best Male Angle, which also affirmed his acting. At this time, Zhang Guodong was 70 years old, but when he hooked a tour, he was very energetic. After many years after this industry, he finally won the trophy, and Zhang Guodong did not cover the smile on his face.

In many people's impression, Zhang Guodong is not very familiar, but his face is very familiar. Zhang Guodong played a role in many film and television works, he has always played green leaves. Zhang Guodong did not have any dissatisfaction with a lifetime. It is precisely because he is willing to act as a green leaf, so many protagonists can pay attention.

In most viewers and friends in the Zhang Guodong circle, he will always be a dedicated actor, and a well-deserved old artist. Such an old actor is undoubtedly the loss of the entire film and television circle. May the paradise have no pain, the old man. Happy journey.