Oscar's first Chinese awarded guest

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Oscar's first Chinese awarded guest

2021-11-28 18:02:26 20 ℃

He is the first Chinese actor who nominated the US Golden Games, and the only Chinese actor who nominated the US Golden Games.

He once won the Oscar Best Film, the best director and other nine awards, and the first Chinese award guest in Oscar history.

The first Chinese male movie star in one of the "50 most beautiful characters" selected by the US "Character" magazine.

It is also the first Chinese spokesperson in the history of the Lauxian watch.

Hollywood Capri Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award ...

The newspapers in the world have reported on him, and even the most beautiful male actors in Asia.

Lian Lin Qingxia and Wang Zuxian are his mad.

He has countless countless titles.

He is Zunlong.

Zunlong was born in 1952, he was born in a bamboo basket soon, abandoned a dirty roof in the streets of Hong Kong.

Fortunately, he was adopted by a woman from Shanghai's disabled, lived. But his raised mother is not for the heart of sorrow, but it is to obtain a government subsidy.

When the mother adopted him, the age is already very big, but she has not married, the family conditions are very poor, and the temper is also very hot.

After the young Dragon came to the home, he was often killed by the mother, and his body has been covered with a purple scar.

Not only being hurt, hungry is also a common thing, you can eat leftovers in the weekdays, you will be a grace.

Even if you don't want to live like this, the Dragon still can't be safe in this home, and the mother has to drive the Dragon.

Once once, the mother was taken with Xiao Zun Long to the train station, ready to bring him into the crowd and turn around and left.

The young Zunlong stood there and looked at the mother of the road. The middle was crowded, the car water horse dragon, and the mother was finally not bear to discard him, or brought him back home.

Until the Dragon is ten years old, the mother is not bad, thinking that I don't want to stay at home and eat this meal, and send him to the play.

At that time, Xiao Zunlong learned the days, although he did not make money, but he could learn something, he was hungry, he was very contentment.

The days of the play is not good, and every day, it is practicing, and it has been practicing to the closed eyes.

Master is still very strict, and it will be lesson.

The brothers and brothers don't like the dragon, often laugh at the long-term phase of the West, and know that he has no parents, saying his blood is very "".

Once he was arguing with the brothers, he was hurt, and even the money did not even see the doctor's disease. In the end, a good tailor will help him sew each other.

Once, he didn't eat it. He was hurting, and his sneaked.

Where can he go? He didn't have a home.

He returned to the drama, gave Master, apologize, and hit a few slabs by Master.

If he does not understand, he will understand from a child, no one can rely, can only rely on himself.

Later, he made a decision. He wanted to go out. He became the most hard-working person in the play.

At the age of 17, Zunlong became the "Taiwan Pillar" of the drama, and the opportunity also reached out to him.

At the time of the group performance, there is a US family to enjoy the Dragon, and pay the money to the United States to learn performances to help him achieve their dreams.

During abroad, many places need to show names.

But he never knows what his surname, how old, never lived over birthday.

Yang mother gave him the name of Wu Guoliang, and people in the play team told him Johnny.

After the United States, he changed himself a name called John Lone.

He said that he likes the dragon, because the dragon represents the spirit of the Chinese, the dragon represents the Chinese.

Later, he translated John into "respect", so it is called Zunlong.

After the United States, the language is a big problem.

He began to make money during the day, the life of the emperor.

Work earned money in reading night schools and working at home, going to learn drama, ballet.

He spent three years before you can communicate with people around you.

He is ultimately asked for the American Drama Academy.

At the age of 24, Zunlong won the opportunity to appear on the screen. He played a Chinese chef in the movie "Diamond: Legend Reborn", but it belongs to his drama only less than a minute.

After 8 years, he met the yellow Yumei, who officially entered the Hollywood.

Under Huang Meiyu, he played the protagonist of "Iceman's 40,000 years" - an original person.

In this movie, Zunlong did not have a line. All his plays were in the eyes, and he conquered Hollywood with exquisite eyes.

In 1985, Zunlong played a movie "Dragon Year". He surpassed the starring the little support in this play, the gas field was hard to live, a smile, gave people the most impressive impression, and he spoke all the inner world of everyone.

He also rely on the film, the 43rd American Movie TV Golden Games, the best film Male Augue.

Two years later, "The Emperor of the Emperor" completely made the dragon to the world.

After the movie is released, the film is sensational.

It is also 9 awards such as winning 1988 60th Oscarin Award, Best Video, Best Director, Best Adaption, Best Photography, Best Art, Best Clothing Design.

This is not the same period of the Dragon, and he returns home for the first time after many years of drifting.

At that time, almost all Chinese actors wanted to sharpen their heads in Hollywood, and at this time, the biggest wish of Zunlong was eager to return to China, and a movie that truly belonging to China is more recognized by the Chinese.

At this time, he encountered the "Bawang Buji".

"Bawang I'm" is also the classic of Chinese movies, but very few people know that the candidates of the Runtue is not a brother Zhang Guorong, but Zunlong.

Zunlong thinks this is a movie that is very suitable for you. .

In order to get this role, he does not hesitate to push a lot of pieces, even self-suction, but later because of various reasons, he did not show this movie.

Later, in order to satisfy his own wish, he took the same movie "Butterfly".

He chooses to be a single alone, a person who is not born.

He honestly:

"I am not particularly people, I don't have a home, no parents, no name, no reading, no childhood, people and people's relationship I don't understand."

In the following life, he did not marry and gave birth, and he chose a person.

Although I have hated the mother, I don't have my mother, until she lives in her old.

On weekdays is to fund poor children, donate to school, and will go to the welfare home to visit orphans.

He also raised a dog, and he would take them on a walk.

Perhaps his world has also accepted the existence of others, but finally discovered that he is still more suitable for a person.

On the road of life, everyone is a lonely passenger.

Just like herself:

"I can't take anything, I haven't interest yourself."

May Mr. everything is fine.