Wang Xiaofei has denied that Chen Jianzhou stamped, said that the information is asymmetrical leads to misunderstanding, apologizing to your friends.

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Wang Xiaofei has denied that Chen Jianzhou stamped, said that the information is asymmetrical leads to misunderstanding, apologizing to your friends.

2021-11-28 18:02:10 30 ℃

On November 28th, Wang Xiaofei joined the mother Zhang Lan to apologize to the black man Chen Jianzhou, and called himself and Chen Jianzhou is a good friend, and Fan Qiqi is also a good sister, and there is no dispute because of values ​​and positions, just because the information is not Symmetric leads to misunderstanding of family.

Wang Xiaofei, this wave of waves, also makes netizens sighing is really difficult.

After Wang Xiaofei divorced, the woman's high-profile statement, Wang Xiaofei, this side of this side has not officially sounded. Only the mother Zhang Lan has always voiced through live broadcast. Recently, Zhang Lan mentioned Wang Xiaofei in the live broadcast. More disclosure of Wang Xiaofei has been a hot discussion of the artist black (Chen Jianzhou) because of the stagnation of the artist black (Chen Jianzhou) a few years ago.

On the same day, Zhang Lan talked about Wang Xiaofei's recent new store opening, and lamented the industrial is not easy. During the eyes, the eyes were red, and the people were tears. She mentioned that Wang Xiaofei also advised her not to say, but Zhang Lan believes that "the woman is weak, for the mother is just", I have been wronged, but my son was wronged as a mother.

It may be said that I thought that my son was wronged, Zhang Lan suddenly mentioned that one day, Wang Xiaofei was hit by black, because the reason is the position.

Said that it was aunt (estimated is a nanny) at two o'clock in the morning, saying that Wang Xiaofei was taken by black and hitting the neck at home. Zhang Lan asked everyone to know the black man, stressed that he is from the athlete. Some netizens asked in the barrage, is it a husband of Fan Qiqi. Zhang Lan said: "Yes, yes." Recognizing that he is Chen Jianzhou, and asked: "Is it not fengsha?". Zhang Lan also mentioned that when I went to the island, I wanted a few big slaps in a few times, but I was persuaded by Wang Xiaofei. It is estimated that this time is also not worth it.

Chen Jianzhou has served as basketball players, but because of the cross-ligament, I did artist, I showed some idol drama, and I also serve as the host of variety show, once a big s boyfriend, and the size of the size is very good. Friends, entry and size s sisters and other people play together, and later married a big friend Fan Qiqi. It is worth mentioning that the big S is a variety show recorded after marriage. "We are real friends", Chen Jianzhou also participated in, when the big S saw Chen Jianzhou, I went to a tree bag "Bear" with legs. Clamping the other party, the married two people hug in the show also triggered a wave of netizens.

Big s After the official divorce, the photos of the coming and friends gathering, Chen Jianzhou wife Fan Qiqi is also in it, seeing big s sisters and Chen Jianzhou still playing very well.

Wang Xiaofei, this is a low-key name, and issued a publicity to open a new store. It seems that I want to open a new life, I don't want to be more than the past.

However, the netizens have poured to Chen Jianzhou Weibo, and he questioned why he had to play Wang Xiaofei. Chen Jianzhou's latest Weibo happened to recurrence and died, and the people who died such as the world, they can really strike their own girlfriends. It is really unexpected.

At present, Chen Jianzhou has not yet responded, but Wang Xiaofei took the initiative to apologize, this result is also surprising.