"Do not confuse the journey" eight years of emotional to 800,000 tables, Mei Ting love value is admired

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"Do not confuse the journey" eight years of emotional to 800,000 tables, Mei Ting love value is admired

2021-11-28 18:03:44 33 ℃

Many of the dramas have seen this drama. The play reflects the real life, but the value of the female owner is really admired. Today, I will tell Mei Ting's value to love to love.

Mei Ting can say that it is a role in the play. I have just happened that she is good, she is actively helping Dong Jie, and she has got a good feeling of Dong Jie. She is not humble, she is not humble, she is right. The child's intentions have got a good feeling of horses, and her personal temperament got a good feeling of Marln's little scorpion. There was a good feeling of children and their parents. Of course, this piece has also got my good feelings. It is actually not these, but she is treated seriously for love. Let me analyze it.

Mei Ting gave up everything to live in Beijing, live with Tong lives, and two of them in the basement of the rental, preparing to work together, working together, and create a good life.

But due to the emergence of Zhuo Xiaoting, breaking this law, let Tong Gong have an anxiety to the current life, and Mei Ting still holds an unlimited expectation to life, thinking of two people's aesthetics, but Tong life heart It's already not in this small rental house.

Soon, Children will have to be together with Zhuo Xia Ting, to abandon Mei Ting, and the parents of both sides will come from the hometown, and they will work for both of them. Because of the parents of both sides, or the child's psychological bottom line, it will eventually be reopened. Mei Ting is together.

However, Mei Ting has already seen everything, 8 years of feelings, eventually lost to 800,000 tables, in fact, it is not lost to money, more is to lose to child girl want to change the opportunity to change fate. Mei Ting naturally won't be together with childhood, because this kind of person can betray you once, it will betray countless times, and this is still the pressure of the parents of both parties, not personal voluntarily.

When Mei Ting, he saw the child's life, so she chose to be finally unable to be together with the childhood. In fact, there is no Zhuo Xiaoting, there will be Liu Xiaoting, Li Xiaoting, this story is the end of the two, so she doesn't want to Seeing a dead love, there is no result of love, wasting time and life, she wants her to pursue his happiness. In fact, the TV series is so arranged, I have expected that there will be no happiness behind Children and Zhuo Xiaoting.