Teacher Liao is a TV series?

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Teacher Liao is a TV series?

2021-11-28 18:02:55 19 ℃

Teacher Liao is a TV series called "Super Teacher".

"Super Teacher" is adapted from the urban life class of Zhang Junbao, a writer of Shanda Literature, and tells the story of Liao Xuebing, the party boss, unexpectedly became the story of high school language teachers.


Liao Xuebing (Lei Pen) ran to Tulip Middle School as the story of high school language teacher, Liao Xuebing's appearance of the scorpion of the smoke, not crawling and uncomfortable boss, sometimes wretched and fresh "Slag Master" image and After the viciousness of the students, they conquered each of every student trying to taze him.

Just when Liao Xuebing loved and enjoyed the happiness of "teacher", he was disappeared in the motorcycle party's brother Ye Xiaobai (Wang Sen), once again shakes the teacher's career of Liao Xuebing, and where the super teacher goes, It has also become a new turning point.

"Super Teacher" The first episode:

The Flying Party Boss Liao Xuebing convened all the brothers to announce a big event, this big thing is that it is going to high school as a teacher. On the first day of the high school in Tulip, Liao Xuebing was subjected to the "death class" student under Mawei ...

After the first time I was the whole of the students, Liao teacher has already felt that this class is unusual, and he is more sure you have to educate this class. In the faculty food hall, Liao teacher even met his dreams of lovers, but ice clouds were very indifferent to themselves.