"Fu Teng" Rating 8.2 "Beauty is a stuffing" 8.6, my prince is low, the bottom analysis

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"Fu Teng" Rating 8.2 "Beauty is a stuffing" 8.6, my prince is low, the bottom analysis

2021-11-28 18:03:29 21 ℃

Book on the book:


Will "Divo" will be relatively complicated? Will you like to watch "Divo" will be less than the proportion of the population?

"Joi" started the first episode 47 minutes, and the necrhable of the nephew in about twenty-five minutes.

At the beginning, the death of the female owner, the big consecutive girlfriend, with the former girlfriend, and the ex-girlfriend also had a strong drama, and the entire plot has an important role, but also let the man watch the car TV in the bus. Introduction, I have to see the stitch to give the Star Pension Yan Fangrui some pictures ...

Until twenty-five minutes, the length of the first episode was half, and finally put the men's maintenance down.

At the beginning, I started three lines, and I have to explain so much, and I have been almost a matter of over 20 minutes.

Some people say that "Divo" should express too much, not the original powder, look at the beginning.

how? Is it?

Anyway, I can understand, I have no view of the drama directly to watch, don't live with a sound, I will understand, I will understand it, I can understand it again, but let me be thick with Face Versailles, there is What is the ability to understand the ability?

There are also many people who are willing to look at the TV series, such as "beautiful people,"?

Will it be a low drop from the beginning of the passenger?

I often do investigation, cough, say "to investigate" appear, is occasionally asked, often received feedback, said: I love to see it.

I really don't think "Jo Teng" is hurt, but it can't call those who feel the brainthics, and I can't call my queen. This is not "right" "good" problem, all right, all good, just not Suitable.


Original powder, will we like this, will it be too reasonable? Will you score a little reason is that we are more than "beautiful people like stuffing" fans?

The fan of idol drama is more fanatical.

"I am the first value of the world, I must give it very much."

"CP is too sweet, you must give it very much."

"Hey, CP is too abused, you must give it very much."

"The crew also specially created the office, so nice? Too many modern times? Very."

"How can human nature so bad?" Beauty is like a stuffing "makes humanity too well, I want to give" beauty as stuffing "."

"Not afraid of the anti-send, I am afraid that I will be afraid of sending handsome, I will give the opposite. No one stops me, no one can't stop me!"

It is good, it is very good, very very, hit it, I am very hitting it every day.

We, (specifically refer to myself), I have been smiling, crying, still thinking rationally:

"The ending is too water, what is the use of the crow? What is the bumbler of the cow? He has not dried it. He has pulled it, it is not a national protection animal?"

"I have a book," Divo "three views, I can't accept the similarity of" food ", don't like to abuse, I will abuse the man's owner ... Take the frozen strip when the connector is laughing!"

"How is there completely without the bad guys on the bottom line? Even

"I quietly think that the baby who has seen some criminal circumstances in the idol drama, still have never seen the world, but this world, I still haven't seen it."

"The dark side of human nature is still less, or" Jo Teng "is good, not so dark."

Take a look, look, think about the three views, analyze humanity, end thinking that you have proud of priest, in fact, there is no need to use with that crow.

I am not inciting everyone to be fanatics, I can't move, the fanaticism is not good, I am analyzing the reason,, 哔, I will not change.

I like it like the crow, it is easy to find.


Will not be tall or not?

Let's take a look at the picture below:

Beauty handsome guys like it, there are two dramas, but see "Fu Teng", "Zun Road Guide, Heaven and People", there is still a "waiting for people to save, it is better to save" Probably this,

This, this paragraph.

This is not deserialized to understand, the science of the 21st literary department, will it take a headache?

It is necessary to budize, and it is better to go to the liberal arts, and the intent of "Divo" is better.

"Beauty is like stuffing" has a professional term, but since the professional term does not understand, it will not be troubled, will only feel unclear, feel that the image of male and female is more glitter.

It may, "beauty as stuffing" is also cheap, and the idol drama is in love with all the people interested in love. As long as the male and female main image "look" is very professional, it is not really professional.

If you don't have a professional, you will have a lot of efforts in the "beauty as stuffing", which is really extra points than other idol dramas.

"Joi" is not allowed to account for this.

Ok, I am very emotionally, eccentric "professional analysis", here to tell the first.

Long Wen,

Pure belonging,

If you have a good review,

Discuss together,

Fortunately, even.