Chen Qiao En HD self-shot, no filter under fine pores, is not like 41 years old

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Chen Qiao En HD self-shot, no filter under fine pores, is not like 41 years old

2021-11-28 18:03:42 23 ℃

Hollo, friends, everyone! I don't want everyone to know that "no goddess" in the entertainment circle is very much, although many star artists are already a few people, but they are not old.

When I mentioned Chen Qiao, I believe that I am very familiar with many viewers. After all, Chen Qiao En is the "nasal ancestor" of idol drama. I believe there are many audiences after eight nine zero, I have seen Chen Qiao's idol drama. work.

However, everyone knows that Chen Qiao is young now, and in recent years, Chen Qiaoen has come out to make a play, but did not see what she has appeared recently.

Seeing that Chen Qiao's state is actually quite good, although Chen Qiao En is unclear, her state is very good, to mention the "not old goddess" in the entertainment industry, Chen Qiaoen is absolutely one.

Chen Qiao Engent HD without filters

Recently, Chen Qiao also took the high-definition Selfie on his own social platform. Seeing Chen Qiaoen's current status is actually quite good. After she took out this group, they also attracted many viewers' attention.

In the impression of many viewers, they will become like aunt, not only the vicissitudes of their face, but also all kinds of white hair afterwards, but see Chen Qiaoen is not the same.

Seeing Chen Qiao's state, it seems that it is very young. It is completely like a person who has been forty years old. Even if it is forty, it is still like a girl, it looks People feel envy.

Maybe this is the gap between the stars and ordinary people. I saw Chen Qiaoen's 41-year-old state. It was simply a person who was embarrassing. It is finally what people understand the sentence "Years." If you have, Chen Qiao is very young!

Chen Queen fine grain pores under no filter is obvious

It saw Chen Qiao, who came out of Chen Qiao, as Chen Qiao, in the photo without filters, her skin looks very good, but when I saw it, Chen Qiaoen's eyes also have a lot of fine. Ripple.

Not only that, in the high-definition lens, Chen Qiaoen's pores are also very obvious, but can be seen from the photos, while Chen Qiaowen will later fine lines and pores, but overall, her skin state is still very good.

After all, in the age of 40, it is also very good to maintain such a very good thing. To know, even the ordinary people in the age of 23, the skin does not necessarily have Chen Qiao's skin status.

And Chen Qiaohen is not young, even if the skin care is good, some fine lines and pores are normal, so this will not feel weird, but seeing such Chen Qiaoen more people feel more reality.

Chen Qiaoen is currently not like a 41-year-old state!

Although Chen Qiaon self-portrait in the high-definition shot, and in this filter-free lens, it is very obvious, but it seems that Chen Qun's state is not like a 41-year-old person.

I believe that everyone also knows that even those who have been more than 20 years will have a variety of fine lines and pores, so that Chen Qiaoen's skin status is already very good.

Overall, Chen Qiaowen can be unlike a 41-year-old person, this is more like a girl who is 30 years old, this state is too much, I don't know how Chen Qun En is maintained. ?

It may be on many ordinary people, it is already a grandfather who is full of vicissitudes when 41 years old, but I saw Chen Qiaogian's state, or so young and beautiful, it is a good person!

It seems that the gap between the stars and ordinary people is really big, seeing Chen Qiaoen's state and the status of the ordinary people 41 years old, it has to say that Chen Qiao is maintained too good!

Sure enough, "no goddess" is only happening in the star. For ordinary people, it is already crushed by life, who has time to maintain himself?

Seeing Chen Qiao's state today, I don't know if you feel very envious? You can discuss your opinion and views in the commentary message!