Domestic drama men's owner set up a list: Hu Ge 3 roles on the list, Ren Jialun's 2 characters

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Domestic drama men's owner set up a list: Hu Ge 3 roles on the list, Ren Jialun's 2 characters

2021-11-28 18:02:14 20 ℃

Preface: Recently, the Soyou netizens have selected the "domestic drama men's owners set the ceiling TOP30". This voting is not very big, because Xiao Wan, Wang Yibo, Li Xin, Zhang Yixing and other top traffic fans don't know, fans have not voted, So Xiao Wan, Wang Yibo, Li Xin, Zhang Yixing all the listings.

But there are still some traffic stars, such as Dunlong, Cheng Yi, Ren Jialun, Zhang Xincheng, Zhong Hanliang, Wu Lei, etc. However, these people did not win, the champion turned out to be "Water Moonlight Day" Tongbo, due to wave play. There is no name in the wave, but "the water and the night" is very famous, because this is Zhang Jinhe Cai Shaofen's final situation.

The second is that Hu Ge's Mei Chang Su, who has played in the "琊", in fact, this role should be ranked first, because the TV series is called a seat, the Douban score is as high as 9.4. There are still two roles on the list, namely the "Tianfa Feixian", Li Xiaoyao, "Fairy Sword".

Toyo Ranked 25th, Li Xiaoyao ranked 27th. The ranking of the child is high, not in the list, "The Flying Fairy" is not high. Li Xiaoyao is too low, it should enter the top ten, or even the top five. Zhang Xincheng ranked 8th in Lin Yang, who was played by "Hello Old Time", and Zhong Hanliang ranked 12th in "why.

Yoshi Feng ranked fourth in "Glass", Ren Jialun played in the "under Jin Yi", Dunlun ranked first in Xu Feng in "Xiangmi Shen Yan, such as frost". In the "long song line", Lei Ruandu ranked 20th, Ren Jialun ranked 24th in Li Wei played in Datang Glory.

These characters do should really be on the list, because the TV series is quite famous. Ren Cheung has 2 TV series, which is the only male actor with many works outside of Huge. Ren Jialun and Cheng Yi come from the same company - Huanrui, they compete for "Huanrui" in these two years; Yang Zi left Huan Rui, they would compete for "Hanti".

Yang Zi once and Cheng Yi, Ren Jialun is a colleague, so they are not surprising. Dunlong also worked with Yang Zi, and Dunlu is because "fragrant honey is as deep as frost" burst. In these 30 characters, there are several characters that are high in national, the highest is Sun Wukong in the "Journey to the West", played by six small age children, he should be the first.

The influence of Hong Kong and Taiwan stars is getting smaller and smaller. The high of Wang Baichuan. 30 people have only 5 are Hong Kong and Taiwan stars, a bit sad.

Discussion: Which one do you like most?